Looking To Get Auto Repairs? Still Under Warranty? Consider The Dealer

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If you’re a veteran car owner then you’re familiar with the various locations that you can get your car services for its car repairs or maintenance. Auto service centers are nothing new to car owners, whether they be Chrysler or Dodge. But with all the options that are available, how do you know what the best one is?

This can be especially confusing for new car owners that don’t quite know where to begin with their auto repairs. Or what their best options are. Do they go to the dealership, or to a corner shop for their auto service?

So to help you find the best option for you, here are some pros, and one con, of going to the dealership:

1. Manufacturer Trained

The technicians that work at dealerships like Chrysler or Dodge are trained by the manufacturer, and those have targeted experience on those makes and models. They know exactly what can be wrong because they don’t know any other car types. This means that they can potentially find the problem fairly quickly, and without much investigative work on their ends.

2. The Best Equipment

They have help from their manufacturers when they’re starting up in the service department, and they have the first usage of the best and newest equipment that hits the market. They are larger and more financially powerful than an independent shop and can work on your car sooner with all the extra hands on deck.

3. Work Is Guaranteed

If your car is under warranty, there is a good chance that you won’t be charged at a dealership. All repairs and basic maintenance are also backed by the dealer, so if it has problems down the line, just take it back to the dealer and they’ll fix it free of charge. You signed the contract with them, they have to honor it.

The Con


It will cost more to get service at the dealership if you don’t have a warranty. Most dealerships just cost more than going to an independent shop, due to all the specialized labor and parts and equipment. You can get better deals at an independent shop because they appreciate returning service, while dealership sells cars, and doesn’t really deal too much with auto repair.

So there you have it, a few pros and a big con to doing business with an auto dealer like Chrysler, for instance, for your car repairs. If your car is under warranty, it can be a massive benefit to go to the dealer, but otherwise, it can just be a large expense.

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