The 2011 production numbers put Subaru in the 26th largest automaker spot worldwide. The company began as the auto manufacturing division of Fuji Heavy Industries, a conglomerated Japanese business that began as the Aircraft Research Laboratory in 1915. These days, Subaru dealerships are best known primarily for impressive new cars and reliable, best used cars with high car safety ratings. New cars are available with favorable car finance options.
One of their unique features is the boxer engine motor layout, that has become their best known motor design and configuration for their different models of cars. While it is not a new automotive technology, the boxer engine adds to their commitment of car safety features that gives drivers a lowered center of gravity. Since the engine pistons all move on a horizontal plane, they do not require counter balances on the motors crankshaft.
Regardless of why you choose to buy a Subaru, doing your preliminary research will help you find the best deal. There are a wide variety of new and used car dealers that can answer any of your questions about all of the different models and options that you will find in your search, including options for financing and incentives. Also, you may want to look at car reviews to help navigate the differences in cars, but your friends and colleagues can also be a great source of recommendations, especially when they know a little about your unique preferences.
First, if you do not have a certain car picked out from the car dealer websites, then scheduling time for test drives may help you narrow down the different features that you would like to have in your new car. You can look at some of the more common features, amenities and systems that make driving fun and less of a hassle. In fact, you can see a lot of the new models coming directly from the automotive companies, including your car finance options. As new models are released and designed, you can get various driving reviews from various auto companies.
Before buying your next car, take the time to do your research and to shop around. You may be surprised at what appeals to you in your next new car. Plus, the experience mihgt even enhance your enjoyment once you finally drive off the lot with your new purchase.

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