Rochester ny subaru dealer

Did you know that Subaru was founded in Japan in 1953? In addition, Chevrolet was founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1911. Both vehicle manufacturers have since become worldwide leaders in car production, which means Chevy and Subaru car dealers commonly carry these vehicles. There are several advantages of driving Subaru and Chevrolet vehicles, as both are beneficial in their own ways.

1. Subaru. Subaru is known for a few important features. Not only do most Subaru vehicles utilize all-wheel-drive drivetrains, but Subaru uses highly recyclable materials throughout its vehicles, as well. In fact, Subaru has earned a 97.3% recycling ratio rate for its end-of-life cars. In addition, Subaru is known for its use of boxer engines, which are motors that result in quick handling and a lower center of gravity. Since Subaru inventory is highly beneficial, it is commonly offered by Subaru car dealers.

2. Chevrolet. Chevrolet is part of the General Motors Company, which is the second largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. In fact, Chevy sold more than 4.76 million vehicles in 2011, and a Chevrolet vehicle is sold every 6.5 seconds around the world. This is because Chevrolet produces a wide variety of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, SUVs, electric vehicles, and sports cars, and each one of these vehicles is unique. The Volt, for example, is the most fuel-efficient vehicle with a gasoline engine in the United States. As a result, used and new Chevy dealers carry a wide variety of Chevrolet vehicles.

There are several benefits of driving Subaru and Chevrolet vehicles. Not only do Subaru automobiles come equipped with several important features, but Chevy offers a wide variety of vehicles, as well. As a result, both of these types of vehicles are commonly provided by Chevrolet and Subaru dealers. See this link for more references:

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