Motor oil manufacturers

Buying the correct motor oil for their car is something that people never really think about. The fact is that there is a best motor oil for your car and you should consider this when you buy motor oil. Getting the right motor oil for your car is important for a couple of reasons. These reasons will save you money, increase the performance of your car, and help the environment, just by selecting the correct motor oil types.

The first thing that you should make sure of is to select a motor oil that meets API standards. Making sure that your motor oil is up to API standards will ensure it is quality. API standards might also indicate if your motor oil is recycled. This is important because so much motor oil is wasted every year. This totals about 2 hundred million gallons. Just one oil change can ruin 1 million gallons of ground water if the oil is disposed of improperly. It can also lead to water pollution that kills marine life like fishes and birds. This is why API standards are important in the motor oil industry.

Another thing that is important is that you need to make sure you have the right amount and style of motor oil. This goes beyond API standards. Having too much motor oil can cause it to spill over the tank and harm the engine. Having too little motor oil can cause the engine to not run smoothly. Both of these scenarios can result in expensive repairs on your engine. Make sure you do your next oil change in the right way and follow API standards.

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