Honda insight battery

Over 2 million hybrid vehicles were sold in the U.S. in 2012 alone, making them a growing trend among drivers because of their increased fuel economy and decreased dangers to the environment. In California, Toyota’s Prius hybrid model is currently the best-selling car in the entire state. Some states even provide tax breaks to drivers who opt for hybrid rides, totaling up to $3,500 in some situations.

But just when America at large was beginning to view hybrids as the infallible autos of tomorrow, trouble has crept up in paradise. The Prius hasn’t had too many factory defect issues, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for Honda’s offerings, especially the Insight and Civic Hybrid. Though both models traditionally boasted impressive hybrid fuel economy numbers, their issues lied underneath the surface — or, perhaps more appropriately, under the hood.

Battery problems.

Honda Insight mileage concerns were never really thought of as main problems with the vehicle. Instead, battery issues began to plague drivers of both Insights and Civic Hybrids as reported upon by Consumer Reports back in 2013. Nearly one in five drivers were forced to upgrade their batteries within a 12-month study period — numbers that aren’t particularly good for Honda drivers. The brand has, in fact, long since been associated with continuing quality, so what was to blame for the malfunction?

Prohibitive costs.

Effectively, a reliable hybrid battery should last at least a decade (if not longer). The Civic Hybrid and the Insight models, however, were dropping out after only eight years of use and sometimes only six — a far cry from the 100,000 miles promised on the warranties. And when the Honda Insight mileages finally did crawl past 100,000, drivers were often left alone and vulnerable to prohibitive hybrid battery replacement sometimes totaling $4,000 or even $5,000.

Permanent solutions?

Of course, those prices are determined by the dealership, and you don’t have to buy your battery from the dealership. This crisis has actually allowed battery replacement services to pop up on the map selling their own manufactured hybrid batteries for much cheaper than you’d find on any dealer lot. Got a battery problem? Find a local replacement retailer in your area.

For more information, talk to the pros at your local auto shop. They might even have a lead on where to begin your battery-shopping endeavors. Continue reading here:

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