Get an oil change

Contrary to what one may think, engine oil doesn’t go bad. It simply gets used so much that it becomes less clean, which means that over time you’ll need to known when to change motor oil and where to find the best oil change places.

To put motor oil facts in perspective, in the year 2009 alone, around 3.7 billion gallons’ worth of engine oil had become used internationally. In America alone, 1.3 billion gallons of it are yielded on an annual basis.

When you buy motor oil, it is important to know about motor oil types and figure out which is the recommended motor oil for your particular vehicle. With that in mind, engine oils, are rated according to viscosity using a a scale that was established by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

When you do pour oil into your vehicle, make sure you don’t overdo it, since it could result in foaming and harmful changes in the pressure of the oil when the crankshaft touches the oil.

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