Cost to ship a car

The future of hybrid cars might be changing. Toyota recently unveiled plans for a new combustion automobile engine that generates electricity directly, an initiative the Japanese automaker said it will be looking into in the future. This is big news for hybrid drivers (and prospective buyers) because of the advancements it suggests. Currently, combustion engines rely on piston system that works efficiently but pollutes the environment with exhaust chemicals.

One industry that might see a few interesting changes from this innovation — though it’s still even years away from being putting into practice — is the auto moving industry. Currently, not all car transport companies will agree to move hybrid vehicles for one important reason: their lithium-ion batteries. Unlike the standard car batteries in traditional gas-powered cars, trucks and SUVs, lithium-ion batteries are significantly heavier. That doesn’t fly well in an industry that bases its entire operations on the weight of its vehicles.

So, what do you do if you’ve just purchased a hybrid car online and are trying to ship it across the country to get it in your driveway? First thing’s first — you’ll need to know the facts.

A hybrid car is still a car, period.

If a vehicle hauling company tells you they can’t ship your hybrid car because it poses additional risks to the other vehicles, tell them you’ll be happy to take your business elsewhere. Any reputable, respectable company know that this is not the case and that a hybrid car is just like every other vehicle inside the shipping bed. That means it has no other special concerns than the regular gas-powered 2008 Chevy Impala sitting right next to it.

You’ll need insurance info and documentation.

Because a hybrid car shouldn’t get special treatment, you’ll need to prove everything the same as you’d have to prove for any other kind of vehicle. Even cheap car transport companies will require this information, and it’s true for motorcycles, boats, RVs and any other kind of large vehicles you’re trying to make auto moving arrangements for. International car shipping, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. You’d do well to talk to a booking agent about that.

Now you have a better understanding about the auto moving world and how it might be poised for a big change in the coming years. Imagine trying to transport a brand-new car with a recently patented combustible engine that also generates electricity — the clearance will be spotty at first, but someday it might just become the new standard. Look like we’ll have to wait and see.

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