Harley customizing

As of 2012, there are an estimated 9 million motorcycles registered in the United States, with a significant increase in the number of motorcycles sold in the past decade. So if you want to purchase a motorcycle, there are a few things you need to know about motorcycles, especially custom motorcycles, that could help prepare you for your big purchase.

Choppers are known for being easily customizable and less costly than customizing a 4-wheeled vehicle. A custom motorcycle has stylistic or structural changes that have been ordered and assembled by the buyer in order to create a new chopper. Custom motorcycle builders can either be the consumer themselves, or they can take their ideas to a custom motorcycle shop.

Custom motorcycles might be unique (one of a kind) or built in limited quantities, with the first custom motorcycle label appearing in the 1950’s. Custom motorcycles have become very popular and are often seen as a status symbol in the motorcycle world. Many motorcycle collectors are big fans of older models and parts that used to be included on the body of the chopper. For example, a kick starter is now a rarity found mainly on antique motorcycles. Modern bikes use an automobile starter. One advantage of a custom bike is being able to have this kick starter.

There are a few features about the motorcycle that offer appease both form and function for the rider. Parts such as crash bars allow for a safer riding experience, and reduce the risk of crash injury and fatality. These bars can be custom build to fit the rider. Custom chopper parts such as floorboards, seats, handlebars, and grips — which are all customizable — can increase your comfort when it comes to making that cross country drive you’ve always wanted to take.

Installing a less restrictive exhaust system is one option some cyclists enjoy. This makes the bike louder — which some people enjoy — and can increase it’s horsepower and performance. Having a louder bike has the advantage of being heard by automobile drivers. Automobile drivers have a blind spot and are not always looking out for motorists. Adding features such as lighting to custom motorcycles not only looks good, but it gets you noticed by other drivers!

As with any vehicle on the road, it is important to bring your motorcycle in for regular maintenance checkups and tuneups. This can save your life, as well as the life of your motorcycle by extending it’s time on the road with routine oil changes and maintaining good tire pressure. So what are you waiting for? That cross country drive should be done properly — on a motorcycle. Helpful links: www.gregscycles.com

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