Charter bus companies

1. Do some research If you’re not confident about the safety of charter buses– first of all, government data shows that coach bus transportation is the safest way to travel on the road these days. But if you need to see some numbers for yourself, most bus companies have great websites where you can check out the company’s background, safety ratings, inspection status, and insurance status.

2. Bring your laptop, tablet, smartphone Many charter buses come equipped with wi-fi, so you can Instagram and Tweet and Facebook every single detail of your trip. Your recording of the guy snoring behind you is definitely going to go viral and your friends will be so jealous.

3. Don’t worry about bringing a pillow Bus companies are focusing on making their charter buses more comfortable than ever, and many buses even have reclined seating. You can be comfortable without worrying about your pillow accidentally falling on the ground (because, yuck).

4. Bring all the coffee and tea you want Because so many charter buses have bathrooms on board now! *Breathes a sigh of relief*

5. Plan to spend your money on something other than gas Coach buses are incredibly affordable whether you’re travelling in a group or by yourself. Many bus companies either charge a flat rate or give you a price based on mileage, so planning out trip expenses is easy. And you’ll be able to buy SO MANY of those little oval pressed pennies.

6. Brainstorm a new hashtag on environmental awareness If you haven’t heard yet, bus companies are taking huge leaps toward being more green. Many charter buses run on compressed natural gas or electricity, and just travelling on charter buses is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Maybe just something simple like “#greenthumb,” since you’ll be busy sightseeing and making new friends (hey, the snoring guy is actually pretty cool when he’s awake).

7. Pick an interesting destination and HAVE FUN! And if your trip ends up being too much fun, there are always charter buses around to take you back home.

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