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Subaru started in Japan and transitioned to the US when Subaru of America was established in Philadelphia in 1968. Since then, it’s become an extremely popular brand with highly loyal customers. Here are some reasons why Subarus keep people coming back for more:

Eco Friendly

Lafeyette, Indiana’s plant was the first auto assembly plant to reach zero landfill status. The state-of-the-art facility looks more like a nature park than a factory, and the 832-acre campus is host to a thriving ecosystem of animal life. 99% of the plant’s waste is recycled, and the remaining 1% is turned into electricity.

Everything from scrap metal to paint is recycled, and employees even recycle personal food items by sending them to a plant that converts them into electricity. The same new automotive technologies in the Indiana plant are being incorporated into their Japanese factories as well, and Subaru is doing it’s best to share it’s innovations with other companies, including Honda and Toyota.

Car safety

For the fourth year in a row, Subaru was recognized as the only manufacturer with a Top Safety Pick for all models. Subarus are extensively crash tested for maximum car safety.

High quality braking equipment comes standard on all Subaru models except for the BRZ. Symmetrical All-Wheel drive provides traction, Vehicle Dynamics Control provides stability, and Anti-Lock Breaking pulses braking to prevent your wheels from locking up. Electronic Brake-force Distribution spreads breaking force between all four wheels depending on the weight inside the car.

Protective systems also increase car safety, including a ring-shaped frame to protect passengers from high impact, up to six airbags with an advanced release system, and some models even feature rollover sensors. The large windows also increase car safety by allowing for optimal visibility.


Subaru is focused and individualistic with a consistent brand identity that evolves to meet consumer needs while retaining the qualities that make Subaru drivers so loyal to the brand. All vehicles sold in America come equipped with all-wheel drive, and most are designed with a boxer engine layout to protect drivers. Subarus comprise some of the best new cars and best used cars on the market today.

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