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In 2013, approximately 41,000,000 used cars were sold in the United States. The reasons behind this are not surprising: used cars for sale are typically affordable, have stable values, and include a number of amenities. Because of this, buying used cars can often be far more advantageous than purchasing new models. But how do you choose the best used cars for you? By following our easy tips, it can be simpler than you think.

  1. Consider what you want– Used car dealerships offer potential car buyers the opportunity to find used cars of varying brands, models, years, and price ranges. As a result, the best way to find the right used vehicle for you is to know what you are looking for. For example, if you know you are looking for a truck, you can narrow down your search before it even begins: as an estimated 10% of all used vehicles are trucks, you can look for used car dealers in your area with good truck selections before making a trip to the lot. The same rule applies for other models, specific brands, even ages. By conducting some basic research, you are more likely to find what you want.
  2. Keep a flexible budget in mind– With an average price of $14,375, finding affordable used cars is fairly easy. However, as with any major purchase, it is sometimes worth paying a little extra for a better product. This is where the wide selection of used vehicles at used car dealerships comes in handy: you have the opportunity to select from a wide variety of used cars prices while simultaneously considering factors like vehicle history, age, and mileage. Of course, many people begin searching for affordable used cars for a reason, and buying certain vehicles may simply not be feasible. However, buying a better car may save you money in the long run, so consider prices carefully.
  3. Don’t forget about basic features– There’s a stereotype that all used cars are low quality, outdated, damaged vehicles that lack common implements, like air conditioning and working radios. And while this may be true for some automobiles, it is largely untrue: almost 50% of the used cars for sale in the United States come equipped with air conditioning, and automatic transmissions outnumber manual transmissions 10 to one. However, by identifying the features you can’t live without, such as heating and AC, 4 wheel drive, or even heated seats, you can help narrow down your selections to help find the best car at the best value for you.

There are a number of benefits to buying a used car instead of a new vehicle. Not only is it easier to find affordable used cars rather than budget-friendly new cars, but purchasing used vehicles allows you to avoid the high depreciation rates that affect new cars within the first 12 to 18 months after the sale. As a result, used vehicles that are only two to four years old are often considerably less expensive, but have relatively high values when compared to newer models. For this reason, it seems sensible that the average age of a car in the U.S. is 11 years old, and the typical vehicle will have 3 owners over the course of it’s lifetime. If you need a car, don’t waste your time and money searching for a good new car you can afford; instead, find the best used cars at a dealership near you! Read this website for more information.

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