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Did you know that there are currently an estimated 300 million registered automobiles in the United States? In fact, used cars make up a good majority of this ownership because used car sales outnumber new car sales by an average of 3:1, and approximately 41 million used cars were sold in 2013 alone. But you may be wondering, “where can I buy used cars?” It is actually highly beneficial to visit dealerships that buy and sell used cars, as there are several advantages of driving pre-owned vehicles.

– New cars quickly lose their value. One of the main reasons to buy an automobile used is that it is more cost-effective than buying a car brand new. In fact, even vehicles that are just 2-4 years old are significantly cheaper than new cars because of the high depreciation rate associated with new cars. For instance, the typical new car in the United States loses an incredible 20-30% of its value in just 1-2 years. This means that you will be doing your wallet a favor by purchasing used cars on finance.

– There are countless used vehicles available. Another great aspect of buying used is that there are many different automobiles to choose from. Sedans and compact cars, for example, make up more than 50% of all used cars sold in 2012, and SUVs and luxury vehicles are also frequently sold. This means that when you finally discover the best cars to buy used, you will be able to find them at dealerships that commonly buy and sell used cars.

There are several beneficial reasons to buy vehicles used. Not only do new cars quickly lose their value, which makes used cars more cost-effective, but there are also many different types of used cars to choose from, as well. As a result, purchasing a used vehicle is one of the best decisions you can make. See this link for more references.

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