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When you think of repairs to a vehicle, you might easily forget to change, replace, or even check the fluids, but those are among the most important parts of any car. Here are three fluids you should check right away if you’ve forgotten them:

1. Brake Fluid

One fluid that might put a stop to your driving by running low is, ironically enough, the brake fluid. It is perfectly clear how crucial having effective brakes are — even though brakes can function haphazardly for a while with low fluid, they become less sensitive and may fail in an emergency situation where you need them most. Close to one in five vehicles on the road were found to have low or contaminated brake fluid in a survey, so be sure to check yours!

2. Power Steering Fluid

Another fluid whose importance is more or less self explanatory is the power steering fluid. Again, a vehicle that has low power steering fluid can still turn, albeit with a degree of difficulty and rather ineffectively. That does not by any means imply that it is not absolutely necessary to the safety of the driver and passengers of the car though. Again, sharp turns and a responsive vehicle can make the difference between life and death in a car accident. More than one in seven vehicles were found to have low or contaminated power steering fluid, so again, check yours as soon as possible.

3. Coolant

The unsung hero of vehicles, coolant does just what the name would suggest: it keeps your car from overheating. A car transmission can easily break down if left to overheat, and even used auto transmissions repair isn’t cheap, especially if it is truck transmissions repair. New transmissions as replacements are even more costly! About the same amount of vehicles had low or bad coolant, so refresh yours soon and often. Your used auto transmissions will thank you! What do you think about these fluids?
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