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When you think of science fiction, chances are you think of incredible weapons, unbelievable alien species from other worlds, and mystical forces that surround and bind it all together. When I think of science fiction, I think about the amazing vehicles that help get heroes and villains around their outlandish worlds.

Science fiction stories, like Star Wars and the decidedly second tier Star Trek, have given rise to many of our most popular technologies. Indeed, the idea of a microwave came from the replicators used in the original Star Trek TV series. Star Wars inspired the creation of unmanned drones, some of which are used for reconnaissance, others for war.

Of all the incredible technologies inspired by our most famous science fiction tales, automobile technology is doubtlessly among the most exciting. From “intelligent” brake rotors and brake pads to chassis parts that can help keep you on the road, here are just a few of the technologies that were pulled straight from the pages of science fiction.

Three Modern Car Technologies That Seem Impossible

  1. AI Controlled Auto Brake Parts
  2. Needless to say, auto brake parts are among the most important pieces of hardware in a car. As with anything else, their efficacy depends on the person behind the wheel of the car — at least, that’s been the case until recently. As Popular Mechanics writes, computerized auto brake parts are increasingly common on modern vehicles. These systems first alert drivers when they’re about to crash into something, and if the driver fails to react, the system will apply the brakes for the driver. Slightly creepy or otherwise, this technology could save lives.

  3. Augmented Reality Heads-Up-Displays
  4. From Star Wars to Back to the Future, one of the most enduring images in science fiction has been the heads-up-display (HUD). These displays give you all sorts of data, including exterior temperature and local traffic conditions. As DriverSide points out, these AR HUDs are popping up in more and more vehicles, allowing drivers to be more informed about when and where they’re driving than ever before.

  5. Computerized Steering Systems
  6. Just as engineers have found ways to automate car brake parts, so, too, have they designed new systems that will help keep drivers from going off the road. According to a report from Yahoo! News, new cars feature suites of sensors and cameras that can “see” when you are about to cross the line from the pavement into off-road terrain. As with the automated braking systems, the car’s computers can take control of the steering, correcting your trajectory automatically.

What other sci-fi inspired transportation technology do you want to become a reality? Tell us in the comments section below. Find more on this topic here.

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