Car repair costs

Are you a luxury vehicle owner? If so, have you been to a luxury vehicle center recently? Just like people need regular check-ups with a doctor, your car also needs regular check-ups to make sure everything is in working order and safe for use. A recent survey proved that about 77% of cars needed maintenance or repairs. If you regularly go in for check ups, you can keep your car repair costs low, by finding more serious problems, like engine or transmission problems, which are two of the most costly repairs in the United States. Recent car maintenance surveys found the following: 18% of vehicles had low levels or brake fluid or even contaminated brake fluid and 22% of cars had low levels or dirty engine oil. This can lead to brake failure and engine failure; hazardous to your safety and your wallet!

Visiting a luxury vehicle center specific to your car, such as a BMW service center or a Porsche service center, ensures that the right technicians are on hand, who know the ins and outs of your car, and who can fix any car-specific problems, should they arise. A luxury vehicle repair shop will also have parts that are specific to your car on hand, which a local dealer may have to order, meaning your car might be unavailable to you for at least a week. In terms of calculating cost, there are many sites that offer free car repair estimates online–be ready to have your car make, model, year, and zip code ready–or, if you have a good relationship with your repair shop, they can give you an estimate after inspection. Different states have different regulations for when to get your car checked, but it’s generally recommended to go to your service center around 15,000 miles, 30,000, 45,000, 60,000, and 75,000 miles. You can expect a general oil, air, or fuel filter change and a checking of air and pressure at any of these, and as your car gets older, more serious work will be done, such as ignition repair, brake pad replacement, or even replacement of the car battery.

Keep yourself and any loved ones safe by getting regular tune ups at a luxury vehicle center specific to your car. Not only do you keep costs low, but you keep your beautiful car in working order! Great references here.

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