New automotive technologies

It seems like almost every automobile commercial we see these days features some new automotive technologies that wouldn’t have seemed possible even 10 years ago. Even at local dealerships, car salesmen are able to lure in car shoppers with a constant wave of the latest automotive gadgets and features. While these new automotive technologies are typically extra features that cost more to be included, many are likely to become standard features down the road. Bankrate recently compiled a list of some of the greatest new automotive technologies being offered today. Here are some of the top picks:

  1. Back-up Cameras – While it may take a bit to get used to using the assistance of a camera in reverse, back-up cameras have made maneuvering parking lots and narrow driveways a heck of a lot easier. These cameras automatically turn on when the car is put in reverse, giving drivers the ability to see an obstructions that might be behind them. Now, this technology is not necessarily new, but automakers have recently taken it to the next level. Rear-facing radar is now able to detect traffic coming from either side of the vehicle and sounds an alarm when something is approaching.
  2. Driver Warning Systems – Car safety features are the most common type of technology advances in the automotive industry as vehicle engineers strive to make the roads safer for everyone. Some of the latest safety features being offered in cars today are warning systems that alert drivers when a potential hazard is detected. Some make the wheel vibrate when the driver is swerving into another lane, while others can actually detect when a driver is getting sleepy by monitoring their eye movements.
  3. Wifi Hotspot – Anyone with a smartphone can understand the anxiety that comes with being in an area with no wifi, forcing them to waste precious data. That’s what gives vehicles with in-car Internet capabilities a major boost in the vehicle reviews and ratings. Automakers haven’t quite figured out how to offer pure wifi in cars yet, but the best new cars now offers in-car routers that give passengers access to a 3G network anywhere on the road.

With so many new advances in automotive technology, car shoppers have more safety and customization options than ever before. Find out more here.

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