Vinyl sign business oklahoma city

Custom vehicle wraps are becoming an extremely popular method of advertising. Due to the consistent mobility, vehicle wrap advertising is able to reach audiences of all backgrounds, regardless of age, gender, income level, or profession.

What, exactly, are vehicle wraps? Car advertising wraps are made by printing a unique design onto a special vinyl wrap, which is then laminated and installed on a vehicle. Vinyl car wraps leave no damage on the paint of the vehicle to which they are applied, which means that as the company updates their image, they can switch out the wraps! No more expensive, messy painting and re-painting!

How effective is vehicle wrapping? Over 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers, and in one year, the average vehicle driven 15,000 miles will pass in front of nine million vehicles! That’s a lot of potential customers! There have even been cases of car wraps increasing business by 107%! And it’s not just for one vehicle, either. Studies have shown that fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition fifteen times greater than any other form of advertising.

But is vehicle wrapping affordable? Car wraps have some of the lowest cost-per-impression rates of any advertising, and, when surveyed, 47% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 found car wraps especially memorable. A recent poll found that 48% of people viewed vehicle wrapping as the most unique advertising medium available.

One of the greatest advantages of vehicle wrapping is that it is not restricted to one type of business. From food truck wraps listing the menu to a contractor’s phone number on the side of a work van, every company can benefit from vehicle wraps. They are also completely customizable! Want your landscaping truck to look like it is made out of a tree? No problem. Need your Prius to have flames down the side? Sounds like fun. Consult with a graphic designer in your area to see what your options are for your vehicle, and reach your audience today! Get more here.

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