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Whether you’re in a small town or a new city, sometimes it seems like new Chevy dealers are around every corner. Chevy car dealerships are a staple of modern American society because they have been around for over a century, providing quality cars to hard working people. They also have a significant worldwide presence, and around the globe local Chevy car dealerships sell a car or truck every 6.5 seconds. Chevys drive on roads in two thirds of the world, and in 2011 local new Chevy dealers sold almost five million vehicles.

With all the Chevy automobiles on the road today, it makes them seem like the best kind of car to own. Unfortunately there is a lot of bad information out there and some people believe they wouldn’t be able to afford a nice car or they would be swindled by an unscrupulous salesman. The good news is that there is credible information available if you just know the right sources to consult. Lucky for you, this is a great source here and if you keep reading you can learn the truth behind some common myths surrounding the subject of purchasing new cars.

Myth #1: Used cars aren’t a good deal. False!
If you know where to go then used cars can actually be a great deal. This just means you might have to look a little harder to find the perfect model for you, and there are also some ways to make sure the terms of the sale will protect you if anything happens. You should also definitely find out the history of the car, because it is a good idea to know if it was ever in an accident.

Myth #2: Foreign made cars are higher quality. False!
This isn’t always true, and it’s certainly not accurate when talking about Chevy cars and trucks. Chevy vehicles are among the highest quality autos in the entire world, and people from several countries seek out this famous and respected product.

Myth #3: You have to pay a lot to get a really good car. False!
You can definitely get an awesome deal on new and used cars that are high quality. You should talk to a car salesman to go over your options and learn about all the different choices, because some of the highest quality cars are priced at reasonable levels in order to appeal to the middle class consumers.

Myth #4: Salesmen will always try to sell you more features than you need. False!
There is an inherent mistrust for salesmen of all kinds in America, but this shouldn’t be followed for everyone. Lots of car salesmen are well educated about the products they sell and their number one goal is getting the customer into the right car for them.

Myth #5: I probably can’t afford a car from a new Chevy dealer. False!
Most people don’t buy expensive items like cars or houses by paying for the whole thing at once. It is more common to get a loan or buy things on credit, and you should be eligible for a deal like this because there are so many car dealers. Shop around to see who offers the best deal. More on this topic.

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