Black hose clamp

Hose clamps have many uses, but are typically used to secure hoses in automotive systems or clamp lines in plumbing systems. Hose clamps come in many different sizes in order to ensure a tight seal on any size hose. They are designed to ensure that equal pressure is placed on the hose from all sides, ensuring that gaps do not exist. It is highly important to get the right size hose clamp to ensure that there are no leaks. If you buy large hose clamps for small hoses, your hoses could potentially leak gas or liquid, putting you, and those around you, at risk. There are a few steps to ensuring that you select the right size hose clamp. Read on to find out more.

Place the fitting inside of the item you are clamping
The first step to selecting the right size hose clamp is to place the fitting inside of the item that you will be clamping. In order for the number to be correct when you measure the item, it is important that you have the fitting inside.

Measure the outside diameter of the item you are clamping with the fitting inside
After you have the fitting inside of the item you’re clamping, it’s time to measure. Take a measuring tape and measure the outside diameter of the item you are clamping. It is important that you measure the diameter, as hose clamp sizes will be listed this way. In order to do so, start at one point on the circle, take your measuring tape across the very middle until you reach the other side of the circle. The distance across this line is your diameter. Depending on where you live, or what other items you need, you can measure in either inches or millimeters. Be sure that you are consistent with either inches or millimeters to ensure accuracy later on.

Determine the type of clamp you desire
While hose clamps come in multiple sizes ranging from small hose clamps to large hose clamps, there are also different types. Depending upon your project, you will want to ensure that you select the right type. There are many types of hose clamps, with differing purposes. Some of these types include wire hose clamps, spring hose clamps and screw hose clamps. Most of these hose clamps come in a wide variety of sizes, including small and large hose clamps.

Ensure that outside diameter falls between the minimum and maximum range of your clamp
Once you have measured the diameter of your hose and determined the type of hose clamp you will need, your next step is to head to the store and find your hose clamp. As stated above, it’s highly important that your hose clamp has a tight seal on your hose to prevent leaks. So, make sure that the outside diameter of your hose falls between the minimum and maximum range of your clamp.

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