Auto window tinting

Imagine a shiny new car, rolling up to the stoplight, or to the valet at a hotel, or a fancy restaurant. Curious onlookers strain to catch a glimpse of the driver or passengers riding in such style, but the windows are dark and they can’t see in. How great would it feel to be the one inside looking out, shielded by expert window tinting! While it may seem just a far-fetched luxury in a fantasy, a shiny car with darkened windows does not necessarily have to be such an out-of-reach idea. In fact there are several reasons that such a thing would actually indeed be practical.

The perks of window tinting
Taking advantage of an auto window tinting service is about more than just the stylish look. It is also about the safety of drivers on the road, as well as the health of those riding in the vehicle. A tinted window helps tremendously in blocking out harmful and distracting rays from the sun. It is estimated that bright glares of the sun can cause around 3,000 auto accidents every year. Windows that are tinted help diminish those dangerous effects from the glare. In addition, there are films used to tint car windows that can block out as much as 99.9% of harmful ultraviolet rays. Not only can this create a car interior that is up to 60% cooler (a major plus — and health benefit — on a sweltering summer day!), but it also reduces exposure to UVA rays, or ultraviolet A, which are the rays that can speed up skin aging by five to seven years with continued exposure.

What about that shiny car?
While it may not provide as many personal health benefits as car window tinting services might, installing a clear bra, or a paint protection film, on your car will end up saving you money and energy down the road. It takes anywhere from one to four hours for the initial application of a clear bra, and it will typically last on a car from around seven to ten years. The main benefit is keeping your car looking like new. It protects the paint job from the daily wear and tear of debris such as gravel, chips from rocks, dings from shopping carts, bug stains, and so much more. It is transparent, as the name suggests, it doesn’t take much energy or effort to apply or maintain, and it can easily be transferred to a different vehicle or area of the car. The clear bra installation is a smart choice for keeping that new car look.

Whether it is for style, your health and safety, or your wallet, tinting your car’s windows and adding the paint protection film will keep you rolling wherever you’re headed.

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