Auto body beverly hills

While a scratch won’t leave your car nonfunctional, it can leave a driver feeling frustrated. While most minor scratches can be fixed with minimal effort, a deeper scratch can be much more difficult to fix. Before you take it to an auto body shop, here is a method you can try to buff those scratches off the surface of your car.

Clean the Area

No matter what, a scratch needs to be wiped down before any other work can be done. In order to ensure that there is no dirt in the scratch, wipe the area with with a mixture of soap and water, using a lint free cloth. Any debris in the scratch may cause more damage, so make sure there is nothing left in the scratch before you attempt to repair it.

Sand it Down

Once the scratches are clean, the next thing to do is buff off the scratches with some sand paper. Using a wet or dry block sander, gently sand the scratches until they are no longer visible. Do not sand too hard, or else you run the risk of damaging the car’s surface even more.


The next step is to polish the car using a quality rubbing compound and a polishing wheel. Start by squirting the compound on the area of the scratch, and then take the polishing wheel to spread it around. Be careful not to get the polish too far away from the scratches, otherwise it won’t turn out right.

If the scratches don’t come off using these methods, you may have to take your car to an auto body repair shop to get it repaired. Cars that come in to an auto body paint shop with a single scratch are likely to pay under a hundred dollars, and will leave leave your car looking like it just pulled off the dealer’s lot. Research more like this.

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