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There are hundreds of thousands of vehicles on America’s roadways at any given moment. Nothing quite captures the imagination and demands interest like a luxury vehicle. One of America’s biggest luxury automotive brands, Mercedes Benz, has achieved the highest annual sales volume in the company’s history in 2013 with 312,534 units sold. With more Mercedes on the road, buyers and owners ought to know how to properly maintain their Benz.


Oil, coolant, and washer fluid levels ought to be checked every week, with power steering, break fluid, and transmission fluid being checked every month. It is essential that Benz cars be maintained using the recommended fluids as noted in the owner’s manual. Many Mercedes owners actually switch to synthetic oil if it is not already installed in the vehicle. To keep your genuine Mercedes in top condition regularly change the oil every 7,500 miles or six months; every 5,000 miles if you are using traditional oil.


Your tires are one of the most important elements to your vehicle, which is why properly cleaning and inspecting your tires is a must. Tires ought to be rotated and balanced every six months and regularly inspected for wear and damage. Keep close attention on the treads of your tires, as these can get worn down, requiring a new set of tires.


Nothing draws eyes like a freshly washed car. By regularly washing and waxing your Mercedes you will help prevent dirt and road chemical buildup, which can oxidize and ultimately damage your paint job. It is recommended that your finish be checked by running a clean, dry hand along the vehicle’s surface; if it doesn’t feel as smooth as glass, then you may be feeling bonded contaminates, meaning that you ought to give it another wash.

Replacement Parts

There comes a point in every car owner’s life when they have to replace a part. Buying Mercedes Benz aftermarket parts from a certified Mercedes shop can help you to maintain the retail price of your vehicle. A modern Mercedes Benz parts center can use supply systems, barcoding, and part numbering to quickly locate the correct part for the vehicle. For added convenience, many customers choose online shopping, as a $5 trim piece could come with up to a 5,000% premium at retail counters. For all of your automotive needs, visit a certified Mercedes Benz parts center today.

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