Michigan charter bus companies

Did you know the first passenger bus existed before automobiles were even on the road? The first bus was drawn by horse and helped people get around in 1820. By the 1830s, steam-powered buses had been developed to provide travel between cities in England. In our modern age, 751 million people rely on buses to travel each year.

Whether you’re planning a trip for a school, or family reunion, or a tour group, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of chartered buses. Chartering a bus is one of the best ways to get a large group of people from one point to another, for a number of reasons. According to the Bureau of Transportation, traveling by chartered bus is twice as safe as traveling by airplane, and 46 times safer than traveling by car. Buses are better for the environment since they carry far more people in a single trip. Cars get on average 27.2 miles per passenger per gallon of gas. On the other hand, buses achieve over 206 miles per passenger per gallon of gas. Not to mention, unlike flying, chartering a bus provides the travelers with transportation once they reach their destination.

The factor we all care the most about is that the cost to charter a bus can be far less expensive per traveler than any other mode of transportation. In addition to the savings you’ll get from chartering a bus over using another mode of transportation, we’ve put together a few tips to save further on the cost to charter a bus:

  1. Make your reservation early! The cost to charter a bus goes up as the intended date approaches, particularly during peak season. People who manage chartered bus lines recommend making your reservation six to nine months out if your travel dates are in April to July, and three months out if your dates are in January to March.

    However, if this is a last-minute trip, you might be able to secure a deal by asking the motorcoach companies you’re working with if they offer a deal to get rid of an unscheduled bus. Don’t plan for it since you might have trouble finding an available bus, but if the stars align, you might be able to save a little on a last-minute bus reservation.
  2. Just book what you need. Who doesn’t want to get the celebrity experience in a luxury motor coach? While no one is going to refuse that opportunity, if cost is one of your biggest challenges, you and your companions can travel comfortably on a bus with less extras for a fraction of the cost.
  3. Fill your bus up! It might be obvious, but the more people riding your bus, the more ways the bill will be split. The typical chartered bus holds 56 seats, splitting the cost 56 ways if you fill the bus up will be a lot cheaper than if you only having 20 riders on your bus. However, if you are looking to charter a bus for a smaller group, many bus agencies offer small charter buses with as few as 21 seats that cost less.

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