Rochester ny chevrolet dealer

Buying a new or used car can be a fun and exciting experience. No matter if you’re looking for a work truck for your small business, or a family transportation vehicle local Chevy dealers are one of the first places you should check. New Chevy dealers can obviously offer you the newest and best from the American-car company, but used car dealerships can be great places to find an awesome deal on your next vehicle for whatever you need. Here are three reasons to check out your local Chevy dealers if you’re in the market today.

    1.) History: Chevrolet is one of the oldest American car brands in existence. Since the company started in 1912 they’ve produced more than 200 million cars and trucks. They adopted their signature bowtie emblem in 1913 and have become an internationally recognizable symbol.

    2.) Prevalence: Somewhere in the world a Chevy is sold every 6.5 seconds on average. In 2011 alone they sold more than 4.76 million cars and trucks at local Chevy dealers across the country. While the popular choice is not always the best choice, it generally means people have found a quality product that keeps bringing them back.

    3.) Popular In Pop Culture: Although it shouldn’t be the basis of your decision on cars for sale, Chevy has become one of the most popular car manufacturers to be mentioned or referenced in movies and songs. In fact, the Chevy brand has made its way into more than 1,000 songs. Jay-Z, Kid Rock, and Mariah Carey are just a few of the artists you might see at you local Chevy dealers as they’ve all name-dropped Chavy in their songs.

There’s a reason Chevy has become one of the most popular car brands among the rich and famous and common folk alike. If you’re looking for a new car or truck spot by your local Chevy dealer and you might the next to discover the power of American ingenuity.

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