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Having a clean car really is a personal preference. Car washes are easy to go through but generally cleaning out the interior of a car takes a lot more work. Only 16% of people with kids clean the inside of their car on a weekly basis and only 9% of those with no kids. However, whenever we do clean the inside of our cars, we realize how nice it is to have a clean car and solemnly swear to always keep it nice and neat, until the next time we eat in the car and have no place to throw the wrappers and then the mess just builds. It’s been proven that having new things inspires us to make more of an effort. So, in the case of cars maybe having new car carpets would help us to keep the car cleaner for longer. Let’s look at a few car flooring options.

  1. One of the most common car flooring is the regular vinyl and felt mat with gripping on the backs to stick to the floor and eliminate sliding. These mats last a very long time and a quick vacuum cleans them right up.

  2. Then there’s the full on rubber mats. These are great for catching liquid spills, dirt, grease and grime. They are very easy to clean. A little soap and water will get pretty much everything off.

  3. Zebra stripes, tiger stripes, cow spots, etc are all gaining popularity. They come in different sizes and colors depending on your choice. Cleaning them is much like the felt mats, a good once over with a vacuum and they’ll be good to go.

  4. Having car flooring with your favorite sports team’s logo on them will be a great motivator to keep the interior clean. These can come in vinyl or felt.

  5. Odorless rubber mats are much like the regular rubber mats except for the fact that they have no rubber smell. They are a little more pricey because of this but you can definitely forego that headache.

  6. There is a mat specifically made for snow and mud and such weather. These mats have a fairly unique function. There is a small reservoir towards the lower half of the mat so water and fluids can settled back there instead of into the car flooring underneath or the bottom of your pants and shoes. This mat is designed for extreme weather.

  7. Custom carpets are gaining popularity also, recently. These you can have made to your specifications with your designs or images of your choosing. They are great to give as gifts or just to make for yourself as a cleaning motivation. If you need replacement carpet, consider having it custom made so the entire car flooring is designed by you.

Trunk mats are another idea for car flooring although you don’t see those as often! Having a clean car really makes it easier to think clearly while driving and be focused. Should there be an accident you do not want the objects in your car flying around causing injury to you, your children or anyone else in your car.

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