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Vehicles today are constantly evolving as more technology is integrated into the once-humble car. Until the day when vehicles can repair and maintain themselves however, it still falls on the vehicle owner to make sure they keep their ride in optimal condition. A report on the National Car Maintenance Index found that Americans have an average score of 76 out of 100; a perfect score means that all prescribed maintenance tasks are completed either on schedule or more often. Vehicle neglect is a serious and costly problem. Americans spend a combined 750 million per year due to vehicle neglect. Safety issues from vehicle neglect lead to 100,000 disabling injuries and over 2,600 deaths every year — keeping your car in order is literally a matter of life or death!

Shady Business Dealings

Transparency is often one of the most important elements of a business transaction; no one would buy anything if they weren’t 100% sure of what they were actually getting. Despite common sense, it is perfectly legal for body shops to use aftermarket parts for repairs without alerting the vehicle owner in 21 states. An untrustworthy technician can be nearly as dangerous as vehicle neglect itself — make sure you know who tampers with your vehicle.


While aftermarket parts are generally less expensive, they lack the exact specifications of OEM parts and may lead to further problems down the road. Original equipment manufacturer parts are more expensive but are easier for replacements and are typically backed by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Go Where the Experts Go

Expert auto technicians trust OEM parts from preferred suppliers primarily for parts availability; these suppliers ranked number one in 12 out of 13 product categories. Garages that specialize in custom projects for clients source their parts primarily from auto part retailers, followed by warehouse distributers, then jobbers and dealers. While it ultimately falls on the decision of the vehicle owner, genuine OEM parts specialists have the equipment to keep your ride all original.

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