Charter buses

When it comes to energy efficiency in the travel industry, it’s not always easy to figure out the best balance between comfort, speed, and environmental friendliness. Luckily, charter bus services always provide a simple solution that covers every concern.

When you choose to take your next trip using a charter bus company, here are a few specific ways that you’ll be helping to preserve the environment:

  • Compared to other forms of transportation, motorcoaches have a substantially better return on passenger miles per gallon of fuel. A full coach bus can actually provide about 206 passenger miles per gallon, whereas a commuter rail train provides 92 passenger miles and a domestic airplane provides only 44 passenger miles per gallon (which is just slightly more than what a single-passenger car or truck would provide).
  • Because these buses use up less fuel, they emit less carbon dioxide per passenger than other transportation options. Charter bus services are actually three times more efficient at reducing carbon dioxide than commuter rail lines.
  • All in all, charter buses can take the place of about 55 vehicles on the highway. This not only reduces fuel usage and carbon emissions, but it reduces congestion on busy roads and highways.
  • Last but not least, you might assume that airplanes provide a higher number of passenger trips each year, but you’d actually be wrong! Charter bus services account for about 751 passenger trips each year, and this is often more trips than airlines provide. Because there are more terminals across the country than airports, it’s easy to travel directly to your destination without having to make stops that are out of the way.

So, now it’s time for you to decide: are all of these factors worth looking into a coach bus company the next time you have to travel?

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