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There are a variety of options available to the American buyer, but most consumers first answer the question of whether to buy a new or used vehicle. There are distinct advantages to each depending on both the consumer’s needs and budget. Generation Y consumers, for instance, represented 27.7% of new-vehicle sales in 2015 and were willing to spend an average of $3,703 on technological features for their vehicle like blind spot detection. Those looking for a used car this year will be happy to know that the National Automobile Dealers Association predicts a 7% decline in the price of an average used car to under $15,000 compared to the average of $16,025 from 2014. Buying a car is no easy decision to make: here are some tips car buyers might find useful.

Why Buy American-Made Automobiles?

Many people are divided on this subject, and for good reason. While foreign automobile manufacturers’ products aren’t inherently inferior to those of American-made manufacturers, there are advantages to buying American-made products. General Motors, the Detroit-based auto giant, reported sales figures amounting to 9,924,880 in 2014: the most successful division of GM was Chevy which sold 880,683 vehicles worldwide; their luxury brand, Cadillac, sold 263,697 vehicles around the world that year as well. Investing in American-made vehicles not only preserves American jobs, but these vehicles enjoy higher resale values due to the high quality and safety regulations executed through national manufacturers just like GM.

The Best Reasons to Buy From Used Car Lots

With resources on the internet, many people believe that buying a vehicle directly from the owner is more convenient and less expensive than buying from a used car lot. While this can be true in some cases, buyers take unnecessary risks by purchasing these vehicles — unfortunately only 43% of consumers think they can learn something about vehicles from a dealership. The vehicles sold by dealerships have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they are safe and well-maintained. To back this up, many dealers offer manufacturer-backed programs for newer used cars and limited warranties for others.
Whether you’re saving up to drive a Cadillac or looking at a used Chevy car
, dealerships can help buyers protect their investments and guarantee a safe product that is built to last.

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