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Being convicted of a DUI is not the end of the world. Many states allow cops to arrest people for driving under the influence when their blood alcohol content is less than the legal limit of 0.08. Often, people convicted drunk driving are moms and dads, working professionals, and people who otherwise a productive citizens, who just made the mistake of underestimating their limit.

Because of the danger that drunk driving imposes to pedestrians and other drivers on the road, the service offered by ignition interlock companies is incredibly valuable in helping people who have gotten behind the wheel while under the influence in the past understand their limits and prevents them from making the same mistake twice. In fact, even after the interlock device is removed, drivers who driven with a car breathalyzer are 39% less likely to be repeat offenders than DUI offenders who have never had one.

If the court has mandated that you install an ignition interlock device on your car, consider it a chance to learn from your mistake, and never make it again. In most states, after you are given the court mandate to install a breathalyzer on your ignition, you have the responsibility of a reviewing ignition interlock companies and choosing who you work with for the terms of your court mandate. We’ve compiled a few frequently asked questions regarding the car breathalyzer process that you should keep in mind while researching ignition interlock companies to work with.

What exactly is an ignition interlock device?
And ignition interlock device is a car breathalyzer that is hardwired into your ignition, and requires that you submit a breath sample that shows that you do not have a high blood alcohol content before the car will start. Even though the legal limit is 0.08%, your ignition interlock will be preset to a lower level, possibly as low as 0.02%, in order to start.

What happens if my breath sample shows a higher blood alcohol content than the breathalyzer allows?

If your breath shows that you are not fit to drive, the ignition interlock device will prevent the car from starting for a certain length of time. This gives you a chance to consider your condition before driving, and also allows for your body to burn off some of the alcohol before you are able to get on the road. The real lesson from this is helping you learn when it is time to hand the keys over.

Is it possible for somebody else to start my car?

If you attempt to have someone else breath into the interlock device in order to start the car, you will not get very far. The interlock ignition interlock companies design their devices to require breath samples periodically throughout the trip. If you are unable to submit an adequate breath sample while you’re driving, the device will activate your car’s horn or an alarm that will not subside until you turn the car off. Additionally, your failure to submit an adequate breath test will be reported to the ignition interlock companies and will be reviewed by your probation officer.

Is it possible to trick the interlock device into starting with air generated by another source?
No, the ignition interlock device is equipped to distinguish the difference between air that comes from a source like a balloon and air that comes from a human’s breath.

Can someone else drive my car?
Yes, anyone can drive your car as long as they follow the requirements of the car breathalyzer. It is a good idea to always keep record of anyone besides you that uses your car; you are responsible for any failed breath tests they submit.

How much does an ignition interlock device cost?
You will be responsible for the installation and maintenance costs of the ignition interlock device that you are required to put on your car. The cost varies by the type of device that you are required to install, and the length of time that you need it. Some devices cost as little as two dollars a day. Sometimes, if you do a little research, you can find promotions or discounts online before signing up.

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