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You still remember the night that you realized that your headlights were not working as well as they should have. You were driving on a two lane country road. There was little traffic and there was no moonlight to speak of. You realized that your headlights were on bright. When you dimmed them, however, you realized a bigger problem. Evidently you had not noticed the problem when you were driving at night in the city, but on this country road it became apparent that you would need to keep them on bright so that you would be seen by other cars.
Strange things can happen to cars that have plastic headlights, or cars that are always parked outside. Even high heat bulbs can cause damage to the headlights of a car that is older than two or three years. Instead of paying expensive dealer prices to have these problems repaired or replaced, many car owners are ordering kits that include the items necessary for at home headlight restore projects. While some of these headlight restore kits are available online, some are also available in a select group of retail locations. Either way, a headlight restore or headlight renewal kit gives vehicle owners the option to avoid expensive dealer replacements.
Sometimes a headlight cleaning kit is all that is needed. For cars that have had a life of being parked outside in an area known for ocean spray or high smog, a headlight renewal kit can be a fast and effective answer. While auto detail shops and car dealerships offer these same services, many car owners are finding that they can remove fog that has been trapped inside of car headlamps themselves. While in the past these headlight restore products may have only been available to the professionals, they are now available to any knowledgeable car owner. Through the internet or an in store purchase, many car and truck owners can make their own affordable headlight repairs.
Being Safe on the Road During Night Driving Requires Proper Headlight Maintenance, Repair
One of the most alarming driving statistics is that the fatal crash rate of 16-year-olds is nearly twice as high at night as it is during the day. If your home has teenage drivers, it is especially important that these young drivers have the best headlights available. Low beams, for instance, should allow drivers to see as far away as 160 feet. High beams, on the other hand should provide light about 500 feet in front of the vehicle. A combination of properly working headlights and brakes can make all of the difference in a night driving emergency.
And while new, young drivers are at greater risk for night time crashes, proper headlight maintenance is also important for older drivers as well. In fact, as people age, they have greater difficulty seeing at night. Being aware of this difficulty is especially important for drivers. A 50-year-old driver, for instance, might need as much as twice the amount of light to see as well as a 30-year-old driver. The American Optometric Association reports that drivers who are age 60 and older, can find driving at night even more difficult.
The smartest and most careful drivers do not wait until they are out on a dark two lane road to discover that their headlights are not working as well as they should. Careful inspection of headlights, especially on vehicles that are most often parked outside, should become a part of every car owner’s routine. High heat bulbs or plastic headlights should also be checked frequently. An inner headlight fog can significantly diminish the effectiveness of head lamps on any vehicle, especially a car or truck that is two or three years old.
While car owners in the past had to rely on expensive appointments at auto body shops, car detailing centers, or dealerships to get headlight problems fixed, this is no longer the case. In fact, headlight restoration kits are available both online and in stores. Whether you have a new driver in the house, or you yourself are older than 50, headlight maintenance is important. Make sure that your night driving is as safe as it can be.

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