Spray on bedliner

The pickup truck has become a symbol of American life and the American experience, especially in the rural locations of our country. Sales of pickups in the US have soared over the years and grew by 31,000 units to 221,228 in 2015. Among all of those truck sales, there are endless debates between owners of different brands of trucks as to which one is the best. Many truck owners stay with the same brand for all of their truck driving lives, even passing down the brand tradition to the next generation. Brand loyalty can be that strong.

What almost all truck owners can agree on, however, is that the beds of their trucks could always use some more reinforcement, especially if the truck is used to haul difficult cargo. No truck owner wants their truck bed to be ruined and finding quality truck bedliners can be difficult. That’s why many pickup truck owners have turned to spray in bedliners for their trucks.

When it comes to spray in bedliners, there are two basic types: oxygen catalyzed and chemical catalyzed. Most of the spray on bedliners on the market are either hot or high pressure or cold or low pressure. The temperatures refer to the product temperature, not the temperature of the air. Typically, the warmer the product the quicker it will take for the product to cure. The cooler the product, the longer the curing process will take.

Many truck owners are opting for a spray bedliner when they first purchase their new pickup truck. It protects the bed of their trucks from dents and scratches, but it is doing much more than that if you look at the latest trend. Spray bedliner companies have been trying to find new ways to expand their business and have latched onto an idea that seems to be catching on throughout the United States. Many new truck owners are having their entire truck sprayed down with the bedliner material. From nose to rear, anything that is not made of glass is getting sprayed down thoroughly and completely. This kind of rugged look is getting more and more popular as the spray in bedliners gain more and more popularity.

If you are going to perform this procedure on your truck as a DIY project, just remember a few things. Before you begin this procedure, make sure there is no rust or old paint remaining. Sand deeply down to the metal. This will take up most of your time as you prepare for the liner. Also, make sure to understand the porous nature of the product you intend to use. The more porous the material, the stronger the bond will be to the metal. This will determine the kind of quality adherence your liner will have to your truck’s bed.

The pickup truck and the American consumer will likely always have a very unique kind of love affair. If you are a truck owner wanting to protect your beauty, why not consider looking into what spray in bedliners can do for you.

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