Vinyl cut tape

To tape or not to tape? That is the question you shouldn’t really need to ask. Whether it’s vinyl wrap tape, wiretrim tap, wrap cut tape, scotch tape, duct tape, vinyl cut tape, electrical tape, or even medical tape, tape is an extremely versatile material that has a plethora of other uses besides sticking objects together. And if you find yourself in a “sticky” situation, you might be surprised that you can use duct or even vinyl wrap tape to get out of it!

Check out all of these surprising ways in which you can use material like vinyl wrap tape and duct tape around the house, around the home, at work, and beyond. It’s kind of like coconut oil; it’s good for and can fix just about everything and anything!

For the home

Get organized

Instead of buying or using a fancy schmancy label maker, consider using vinyl cut tape, duct tape, or electrical tape instead. Simply cut a strip to fit the object you want to label and write on the tape with permanent marker. This method is especially helpful in the kitchen and can be used to label cabinets, pantries, mason jars, your refrigerator or freezer, and even that drawer of junk and pens that nearly everyone has somewhere in their kitchen. Ladies (and gents) — listen up! This super easy and affordable method of labeling is also great for organizing your beauty products and make up!

Dispose of kitchen knives and other sharp objects the right way

Unlike true love, kitchen knives don’t and won’t last forever. If you plan on disposing of them, make sure you’re doing in the proper way in order to avoid injury to yourself or someone else. Knife recycling is available, however if you live in an area that doesn’t provide this, duct tape or any other kind of thick tape can be used to safely wrap the sharp blade of knives in bubble wrap before tossing them in a trash or recycling bin. This method can also be used to dispose of sharp cutting tools such as axes and saws.

Remove tape residue

A great way to remove unsightly tape residue from a surface is with — you guessed it — more tape! To get rid of the sticky stuff, use more of it. Simply apply more tape, press down firmly, and pull to reveal a squeaky clean surface free of residue.

Repair garbage bins and trash cans

Rather than trash a broken trash can, try taping the crack with duct tape. This is a quick, easy, and extremely economical hack that makes it easy to save money and be resourceful.

Protect your floors from your furniture

Felt pads sold by furniture stores can be expensive. Not to mention the hassle of having to run an extra errand just to go out and get some. Why bother when you can use vinyl wrap tape or duct tape to do the job? Simple attach a thick strip of tape to bottom of your furniture and you can rest assured your floors will remain in good condition.

Clean up pet hair

Pets are part of the family but they sure do shed a lot! And no matter how many times you vacuum, sweep, or swiffer, pet hair always seems to be stuck to everything. A great way to clean it all up is will duct tape or any other kind of tape, which works much in the same way as tape rollers for clothing to remove lint.

For beauty, health and fashion

Say goodbye to warts

Those old wives that created all these old wives’ tales actually knew what they were talking about when it comes to using duct tape to remove unsightly warts. While people may experience mixed results, some research has confirmed that plain ol’ regular gray duct tape can be helpful in treating and removing warts. For sex days, use a small piece of duct tape to cover your wart for at least six hours. On the seventh day, soak the wart in warm water and use a pumice stone to gently exfoliate the layers.

Tape has way more practical uses than you can imagine!

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