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What are the cheapest cities for buying used cars? The answer might surprise you. According to, Miami (FL), Cleveland (OH), Akron (OH), Stamford (CT), and New York (NY) are the top five cheapest cities, in order. While it might surprise you that major cities like Miami and New York are actually the cheapest places to buy used cars, there is some logic behind it.

One of the more important factors is the rate of supply and demand. Cities like Miami have a higher than average elderly population ? as this population passes away, they leave behind cars that relatives may want to get rid of quickly, and be less concerned about the asking price. It?s also worth noting that densely populated cities often have more used cars and cars leftover from rental companies in general ? and when there are more cars on the market, the overall price drops.

Finally, cities with many wealthy inhabitants (certainly true of Stamford) may be dealing with individuals interested in exchanging their car for a new one quite often.

Whatever the reason, chances are, you may yourself be in the market for a new car ? and you?re going to want the lowest price possible regardless of where you live. Here?s a few things you should keep in mind accordingly.

The Various Places to Buy Used Cars for Sale

Without a doubt, the cheapest place to buy a car is always going to be an individual ? whether that?s an older uncle, or someone you found on Craigslist listing used Dodge cars for sale. Then there is no cut going to the dealer. However, there are disadvantages here. A used car dealer is performing basic tests and maintenance on the car when they receive it ? while yes, this may raise the price ultimately, it?s in your best interest to know that the car is properly functioning and won?t need a new engine after going 10 miles.

Used Luxury Vehicles

If you?ve always wanted a Jaguar, then it might make sense to look at the market for high end used cars. Luxury cars are estimated to account for nearly 20% of all car sales, and buying used allows you to get more value for your dollar: cars depreciate as soon as they roll off the lot. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the expenses for these types of cars can be quite high comparatively. Unlike cheap vehicles, they cannot be fitted with generic parts when something goes wrong. For this reason, it?s a good idea to invest in a fairly ?new? used vehicle of 50,000 miles or less. Avoid cars with more than 100,000 miles if they are luxury, no matter how nice the interior leather may feel.

Know the Car?s History

You?ve seen a million commercials about companies like Carfax, and the importance of knowing a vehicle?s history cannot be overstated. On average, a car will have about three owners during its life, and each owner will treat the car differently. A car report will tell you important information, like how often the owner performed maintenance ? essential for the car lasting a long time and being worth your money. It can also tell you about hidden damage, like whether the car was ever in a flood (thousands of cars caught in floods each year return to the used car market within several months). This is true whether it’s used Dodge cars for sale or used luxury sports cars.

Have you purchased used Dodge cars for sale recently? Let us know your thoughts.

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