1997 powerstroke injectors

Fuel is used to power almost every vehicle on the road. A fuel injector helps to safely deliver that fuel from the gas tank into an engine. Having properly working injectors ensures a safe drive. However, when you have problems with your injectors, it can feel overwhelming. Fuel injectors problems range from small to large but it’s important to know about the most common ones. In this post, you will learn the most common signs that it’s time for your fuel injector needs to be replaced.

  • Dead Engine After Fueling Up: The engine is the part of a vehicle responsible for carrying out many actions. An engine that isn’t firing properly could be the cause of a number of concerns. One of these causes might be a bad fuel injector. Having a car that doesn’t start up after being filled with fuel is definitely a cause for concern.
  • Random Engine Misfires: You are likely to know when an engine is misfiring. Watching out for a misfiring engine is one of the easier symptoms of a bad fuel injector to spot. This problem is easy to notice because you usually feel the car rumbling or experience it shutting off entirely. One reason an engine misfires is because it isn’t receiving any fuel to power it properly.
  • Engine Light Comes On: An engine light is an indicator that something is wrong in your vehicle. Seeing this light doesn’t mean the problem is a massive one but that something is wrong. It’s best to have this engine light assessed by a professional. An engine light will need to be looked at further to have the source of the problem narrowed down. Replacing diesel injectors may use different tools than another type of engine repair.
  • Strong Smell of Fuel Throughout Vehicle: It’s common to smell fuel when you are at the pump. The lingering fuel smell should stop as you drive away. If you’re noticing that you smell fuel while not gassing up, it could be a bad injector. A faulty fuel injector will not transport the fuel properly. In turn, this can lead to fuel staying present within the engine. A misfire is commonly caused by a lack of fuel. Smelling fuel in your vehicle is often because of too much fuel in the engine.
  • Vehicle Stored for Long Amount of Time: Research shows that the expected lifetime of diesel fuel is one year provided it is kept at a temperature of 68 degrees. As you know, it is tough to know that fuel is being stored at this optimal temperature. In many cases, vehicles filled with fuel are stored in garages where extreme hot and cold temperatures are often the norm. Using this fuel in your vehicle can be detrimental to your fuel injectors. A vehicle that has been stored for long amounts of time has likely not seen regular visits for tune ups. This lack of general maintenance will have worn down many parts of the vehicle.
  • In closing, there are several reasons that a fuel injector can be a source of problems within a vehicle. More modern changes in technology can sometimes place more wear on an injector system. Modern rail injectors wear down injectors faster because they fire up to three times for every engine cycle. You would think that diesel sells might slow but that doesn’t look to be true. Research shows that diesel automobile made up for 3.2 percent of all vehicle sales in 2012 with sales of 6.4 percent expected by 2018.

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