There is an abundance of random information about driving like the fact that the average driver goes almost 15 miles over the speed limit. One thing that is constant, however, is that when people buy or lease a vehicle they enjoy adding on car accessories. This can include a security car system, interior car accessories, car stereo installation, and a car tint. Here are all of the facts on why car accessories are so popular.

Across the United States, the revenue generated by the exterior car accessories industry has managed to finally rise over $142 billion. This makes the industry poised to reach revenues to reach almost $255 billion by the end of 2024. So this means that the value of getting a car tint or another kind of tint is higher than ever before!

According to recent industry statistics, over 90% of car owners purchase exterior car accessories. Out of all of these car accessories, some of the most popular include roof rails which can hold bikes and kayaks. Another very popular accessories is a car tint which is usually black can be potentially colored.

Before you get a car tint, be sure to understand what kind of accessory it is. This is a car accessory that deals with more flash and less substance. For instance, an accessory with substance is a backup camera. In one recent study, close to 57 percent of drivers in vehicles equipped with backup cameras avoided backing over a stationary object that had been placed behind the vehicle when they weren’t looking.

The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety collects data dealing with highway speeds and highway vehicles. Just about 100% of all drivers studied that were operating vehicles without backup cameras or helpful audible sensors accidentally ran over a child-sized stationary object. So it is important to understand where the value of a car tint can fit in relationship with safety features that could save your life or another person’s life.

By having a used vehicle detailed before showing it to prospective buyers, a private party seller may be able to sell their vehicle for up to $1,000 more than if it was not detailed. Many remote car starters can turn on your car from up to 1,500 feet away. Although half of all teenage drivers will be involved in a crash before graduating from high school, teenagers drive more safely when they know they are being monitored.

Take time to look at all of the available options when you try to equip your vehicles with the right items. There are important safety amenities that should take precedence over others. Then, once your vehicle has the right amount of smart technology, you can work on integrating into something stylish and flashy like a car tin. Then, your car tint is the icing on the cake!

In Conclusion

When people buy a car they are always looking to equip it with special features, accessories, and amenities. Make sure you take your time to customize your vehicle to your liking so that way you can be as happy as possible with your day to day driving experience!

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