Everyone loves summer. But no one loves a scorching hot car. During the summer months, your vehicle can not only heat up in the sun but it can also become dangerous.

On average, the inside of a vehicle can get between 20 to 30 degrees higher than the outside temperature. This is because the interior of your vehicle traps the warm air like a motorized oven.

To help you beat the heat this summer and drive safely, here’s how you can keep your car cool and safe on those hot summer days.

Use a remote car starter to turn on the air conditioning

You may have heard about the benefits of using a remote car starter during the winter months. But a remote car starter installation can also do you car some good during the summer.

Remote car starters can turn on your vehicle from up to 1,500 feet away. This helps cool down the interior of your vehicle before you get inside, which can be nice not only on those sweltering days but also when you want to keep your hands from burning on the steering wheel.

Be smart about parking your vehicle

Another great way to keep your car cool in the summer is by parking in the shade. Look around for trees and other areas that may provide shade as the sun “travels” throughout the day. Although your car may still be warm, it won’t feel like an oven when you get inside.

If a parking spot only provides a little shade, try parking your car so the back of the vehicle is in the sun. This helps to keep the heat in the back of the car instead of on the steering wheel.

Of course, this method isn’t recommended if you have kids or a dog riding in the car. If you’re traveling with children and animals, it’s best to park somewhere where the back of the vehicle will be coolest. Never leave an animal or child in a parked car during the summer.

A remote car starter installation can be just what you need to keep your car cool and safe this summer.

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