As any bus dealer knows, buses are hugely important not only here in the United States but in many places beyond it as well. Buses are used for many purposes, from transporting people to airports and back to their parked cars at the beginnings as well as the ends of their trips to school buses used to transport children to school and home and on all kinds of field trips. A bus driver is also likely to deal in hotel shuttle vans, ideal for special occasions or, again, for airport pick ups.

Buses are also common in cities as well, again something well known by the typical bus driver. For those who cannot afford a car, buses often provide the best way to get from place to place in a relatively quick and efficient way. And though bus schedules are certainly not perfect, they tend to be pretty reliable on the whole. For many people, buses provide an incredibly reliable form of transportation.

Buses sold by the local bus dealer, from the heavy duty transit buses to the hybrid electric vehicles, are also a great option for people who cannot drive. And there are many reasons that someone might not feel comfortable getting behind the wheel of a car or other such motor vehicle. Older drivers, for instance, often feel insecure about driving once they reach a certain point in their lives.

And while many older drivers remain competent and in control of the car or other such motor vehicle at all time, the statistics show that people who are older than the age of seventy start to see an increased risk of fatal crash when they are the drivers of the car. By the time that a driver reaches the impressive age of eighty five, this risk skyrockets, putting them at the most danger possible in relation to being on the road and behind the wheel. In part, this is due to the fact that an older driver is up to twice as likely, if not even more so, to experience a medical emergency such as but not limited to a heart attack or a stroke while driving, putting not only themselves but everyone who is driving around them at risk as well.

And age is not the only reason that people choose not to drive. Health problems can also limit someone’s ability to do so and as up to eighty percent of those who are over the age of sixty five are on at least one medication, many elderly people find themselves limited in this way as well. Of course, not only the elderly people of the world take various medications for health problems, and it is certainly not unheard of for other people to feel uncomfortable driving for this very reason as well.

In many cases, those who grow up in the city never even learn how to drive in the first place, navigating the systems of public transportation as naturally as they breathe and walk in the first place. Fortunately for them, there are currently up to nine hundred and seventy six thousand buses currently sold by the average bus dealer and in operation somewhere in the United States, a number that will only grow with the years that are to come. And as the bus dealer knows, there are so many kinds of buses and vans and other such motor vehicles out there, ready to fill just about any purpose that could be needed of them.

Senior living vans, for example, are a common sale item for the typical bus dealer. As any bus dealer knows, those who live in retirement homes still need to get out and see the world – but driving is often unsafe for such populations, as is discussed at more length above. The use of senior living vans can help to make up for this lack of ability to drive and can provide residents of senior homes and assisted care facilities alike with the means to facilitate full life experiences among the majority of the senior residents there.

From the school bus to the public transportation bus to the seniors bus, any bus dealer can tell you the growing importance of buses.

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