For certain companies and organizations, armored vehicles are essential types of automobiles. Amazingly, Leonardo da Vinci first came up with the concept of an armored vehicle in a 1485 sketch. Since this time, armored vehicles continue to remain extremely popular. In fact, statistics from 2018 found that there were nearly 100,000 bulletproof and armored vehicles on roadways throughout the world. Those looking for maximum protection while transporting large amounts of passengers choose bulletproof SUVs. While researching bulletproof SUVs for sale, you’ll want to know about ballistic protection levels.

Choosing the Right Type of Ballistic Protection

While looking for armored vehicles, it’s important to understand the types of potential threats you might be dealing with. Fortunately, ballistics standards allow those purchasing armored vehicles to choose their protection level. If you’re new to purchasing these types of vehicles, it’s helpful to know what each ballistic protection level offers. Ballistic protection levels from levels B1 to B7.

Protection Against Handguns and Rifles

In certain situations, you might want the minimum amount of protection. While not the most popular options, you’ll be looking for vehicles offering either B1 or B2 ballistic protection classes. These levels of protection are able to withstand 9mm rounds, but not much else.

Staying Protected Against Assault Rifle Rounds

If you’re looking for a stronger level of ballistic protection, consider B3 or B4 classes. Vehicle purchasers often look for this type of protection for their bulletproof SUVs. Class B3 ballistic protection is able to withstand rounds from .357 Magnum handguns. If you’re wanting something stronger, consider choosing bulletproof SUVs with Class B4 ballistic protection. These vehicles are able to withstand rounds from .44 Magnums which are extremely powerful weapons.

Stopping Armor Piercing Ammunition

Unfortunately, criminals often have access to a wide range of guns. Considering that, it’s wise to think about protection against various types of assault weapons. With that in mind, you’ll want to know that Class B5 ballistic protection is great for stopping AK 47 rounds.

Criminals sometimes get their hands on armor piercing rounds for the purpose of damaging vehicles. Fortunately, an armored SUV for sale with Class B6 ballistic protection will withstand armor piercing rounds. Therefore, many popular types of bulletproof SUVs offer this exact level of protection.

If you want the absolute top level of security, you’ll need Class B7 ballistic protection. In addition to stopping the previously mentioned types of ammunition, these vehicles are able to stop rounds from sniper rifles. Unfortunately, these dangerous weapons are often used by criminals that want to avoid being near a potential crime scene. Therefore, it’s wise to consider this high level of bulletproof SUV protection.

In closing, it’s important to understand the differences between seven types of ballistic protection classes. Bulletproof vehicles grew in terms of popularity after 1981. During this year, the Pope began utilizing armored automobiles after an assassination attempt was made on his life. You’ll find that celebrities, politicians, religious leaders and many other types of important people rely on bulletproof and armored vehicles to remain protected. If you’re looking to save money on these purchases, consider finding used armored vehicles for sale.

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