There are a large variety of oils offered today and they all have unique purposes. They can also handle different environments and types of exposure, making some great for one industry while others are best for another. Some oils are useful for a wide variety of things, such as mineral oil which can be used for lots of different purposes and in different industries.

Oils vary in thickness, color, odor, use, and toxicity levels. All of these items make a difference in how the oils can be used. Getting to know the different types of oils and what they do will help you to choose the right product for your particular needs. Below we will go over some of the more common types and what they are most commonly used for.

Base Oils

Base oils are lubrication grade oils that are great for manufacturing, because of their viscosity at different temperatures. Base oil suppliers often lend their product to things such as motor oil, lubricating greases, and metal processing fluids. These are very popular in the industrial field for obvious reasons.

High Viscosity Oils

High viscosity oils are thicker and hold up better in high temperatures. They work well in cars during warmer weather and in machinery that regularly runs hot. Oils such as 10w40 fall under this category.

Low Viscosity Oils

On the opposite end are low viscosity oils. These are used when lower temperatures are present, like in vehicles during the winter. 5w30 is a lower viscosity oil. They maintain their fluidity even when temperatures drop.

Mineral Oil

These oils are generally a colorless, odorless combination of higher alkalines from a mineral source. They can range from baby oil to make-up removers. They can be used for veterinary purposes, in cosmetics, and even as a laxative. This is probably one of the most versatile categories of oils.

Oils have all kinds of uses. There are even food grade oils used in the manufacturing of different foods. Base oil suppliers have a very large market, as do the other kinds of suppliers, and it is unlikely that the demand for the products will be going anywhere any time soon.

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