You’re ready to go out on the town. You’ve got your outfit ready, your disposable income on hand, and…a dent in your car door. Now what?

It could’ve been a car passing by. It could have been the aftermath of hail. Whatever the reason is, rest easy knowing you have options. PDR dent removal is a quick and easy solution used by millions of car owners today, able to remove deep dents and creases like they never even happened. Instead of tearing your hair out, reach for your phone and look up a PDR technician to remove this blemish from your week.

From minimally invasive to large dent repair, your PDR dent removal professional can do it all. Here’s how.

Taking good care of your car is hard work. You have to make sure to change the oil on time, you have to regularly schedule visits to the auto repair shop…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Today’s car owner is more haggard than ever, often turning to DIY solutions to take some of the sting out of constant repair jobs. Sometimes, though, a professional can provide you that extra level of polish you can’t get with a home kit. PDR dent removal can be done in a matter of hours, restoring your car to its previous splendor just like that.

Not convinced? Let’s take a look at some statistics. The automotive collision repair market is doing very well lately, projected to cross the $250 billion threshold once 2024 comes around. There are many reasons car owners seek out the aid of a PDR dent removal team. Sometimes they got hit with a bad storm, waking up to find their hood covered in dents and bumps. Other times they want to beef up their car’s security, which can mean a new coat of paint or a covering for their outside truck.

Did you know the National Weather Service reported it takes a hailstone the size of a golf ball to dent a vehicle? Just be glad it was your car’s hood that took the hit! Repairing large car dents can seem impossible from a glance, but it’s all in a day’s work for today’s professionals. They can also redirect you in the event of a broken window or cracked windshield. This is best not put off, as you can get pulled over or have your driving experience compromised.

Dent repair techniques are as diverse as the elements. Some of the very small ones can be done with the aid of a hands-on dent removal tool. Others are far more stubborn, requiring a PDR dent removal technician to reverse the damage. Experts have found between 80% and 90% of dents are able to be repaired with the PDR technique. Whether or not this applies to you can only be determined by your local auto repair shop.

Whether it’s a scratch, crack, or dent, there’s help waiting. Paintless dent repair is a very methodical process that, when done properly, takes just a few hours to complete. This goes for the round holes in your car door or the long, thin dents that came from a near collision. Anything more severe can be hashed out with your auto repair professional. The last thing you want to do is attempt a paintless dent removal technique on your own and make things worse!

Your day may have taken a frustrating direction, but you’re not out of options. PDR dent removal will make it like the dent never even happened!

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