Many vehicles and wheeled labor machines make use of rubber tires, ranging from cars and trucks to wheeled machines such as backhoes, dump trucks, tractors, and combines. Tractors and combines are typically found on farms and are used for work rather than transport on roads, so they are not technically classified as “vehicles” in the general sense. Rather, they are wheeled work machines or equipment, but they have some similar needs as conventional vehicles. A tractor or combine whose tires are damaged or worn out will need custom tractor wheels put on, and rear tractor wheels in particular must be found from specialized wholesalers. The distinctive, oversized rear wheels of a tractor won’t be found at a car repair shop, but tractor tires and combine tires may be found with specialized retailers in the area or even online. These custom tractor wheels and tires may be geared for a fairly obscure model of tractor, and the afflicted tractor may be towed to a nearby repair shop to get those custom tractor wheels fitted on just right. What is there to know about custom tractor wheels and tractor or combine wheels today?

Tractors in the USA

For millennia, farmers have used their own labor and animals to pull plows and work the fields, but in the early 1900s, wheeled machines such as tractors took over that job, and to good effect. This market for tractors dates back at least as far as the 1910s, and it has been growing ever since. Back in 1916, for example, around 20,000 tractors were sold across the United States, and they tended to be large, heavy steam-powered models. The technology to build tractors rapidly improved, however, and this market expanded fast. Just 19 years later in 1935, sales jumped to nearly one million tractors sold, and this figure may be even higher today. A number of trusted brand are building American tractors and combines today, such as John Deere and Branson, and they have plenty of business on their hands. There is always a need for farming, and tractors and combines can get the job done just right.

Supplies and Repair

Many retail outlets exist to supply new parts for tractors and combines, such as their specialized wheels and tires, transmissions, and engine parts, among others. Where tires and wheel are concerned, there are some statistics to show how robust this industry is. Statistic Brain, for example, has shown that farming tires are valued at $502 million in today’s tire and rubber industry, and that’s even higher than the $401 million value of off-road tires. Modern Tire Dealer, meanwhile, has shared data revealing that tires measuring 17″ and more represent over 56% of all available tires in today’s tire and rubber industry.

Some brands take up a large market share of farm tire sales. Firestone is currently the largest name in this market, and it has a 22% share of the American farm tire market for small replacement farm tires. Goodyear also has a large share, close to 15.5% of the market for small replacement farm tires. Overall, the farming industry made up some $535 million of all replacement tire sales within the United States in 2017.

Why might such tractors and combines need new tires? While these tires are tough to endure the great of these machines and drive across rough ground, they are hardly indestructible. Over time, a tire may wear out naturally, and a wheel may start to wear out or get warped with time. This calls for replacement tires and wheels before the worn out tire ruptures or breaks entirely. In other cases, driving over rough and hard objects such as rocks or debris may puncture a farm tire entirely, and cause it to burst or get shredded apart. If this happens, the tractor or combine may be unable to do work, and needs swift repairs.

Even with good tires, tractors and combines are awkward to drive on roads, so owners will load them onto trailers that are towed to a repair facility with a powerful truck. Farmers may purchase tractors or combines with an appropriate trailer as a packaged deal. Such trailers will have the correct size and weight to carry that tractor or combine.


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