When you have locked yourself out of the house or accidentally locked your keys in the car, the local locksmith companies can be a true godsend. They have the skills and experience needed to handle any sort of lock and key issues you may encounter. Home and car door opening services as well as key copying and other emergency and routine services are the norm for most locksmith experts.

While you are searching online or using your smart device to find ‘services for door unlock near me’ you’ll likely find a number of places to consider. You can compare costs and arrival times, service rates and options, and also look at customer reviews. No matter what your needs are, you can get the services you want and need from your local locksmith.

Don’t wait till you need an emergency lock change or key services. Find the lock and key expert in your area today and be prepared for when an emergency lock repair or similar need arises. You’ll be glad you took the time to be prepared!

Locks have been part of human culture for thousands of years, dating back to Ancient Egypt. And as locks became more sophisticated in the following centuries, the skill of locksmithing (opening locks) developed along with it. The locksmith industry is currently on the rise, with the number of employees involved in locksmithing rising over the last five years. For those looking to get into the locksmith trade, there are certain locksmith tools and supplies that any locksmith should have. This article will look at the essential locksmith tools and supplies that any locksmith, regardless of experience level, should have.

  • Key Extractor: One type of tool that any locksmith should have are key extractors. As the name implies, key extractors are used to retrieve broken or stuck keys from a lock. This can happen if a key accidentally breaks off in a door lock, or if the wrong key was forced into a lock and becomes stuck. Key extractors can be used to pull the broken or stuck key out of the lock without damaging the lock any further.
  • Lockpick Kits: Another type of tool that any locksmith should have are lockpick kits. Lockpicking is when a locksmith uses specially engraved tools to manually feel out the tumblers in a lock and force it to open. While technically a “low-tech” method of unlocking a door, it’s still considered a required skill for any good locksmith to have, since sometimes “low-tech” is the only available option for opening a jammed lock. Lockpick kits contain tools of a variety of sizes and are an essential part of any locksmith’s kit.
  • Pick Gun: A third type of tool that any locksmith should have is a pick gun. A pick gun is an alternative to using lockpicks on a jammed lock. Essentially, a pick gun forces a metal rod through the lock, placing all of the lock tumblers into line. Tension is then used to force the lock to turn and open. In effect, the pick gun is “tricking” the door into thinking the tumblers are in the correct alignment to open. This is an important tool for any locksmith to have, since many times they have to deal with doors that won’t open.
  • Visual Scope: A fourth tool that any locksmith should have is a visual scope. These come in handy when locksmiths have to open a locked car door and don’t always have a clean line of sight to the lock. A visual scope helps the locksmith to better see what they’re working with.

In conclusion, there are several locksmith tools and supplies that any locksmith should have. These include a key extractor, a lockpick kit, a pick gun, and a visual scope. There are, of course, more tools that a locksmith could and should use as part of their business or hobby, but the tools discussed here cover the basics of what any locksmith should have among their tools.

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