Aftermarket Or OEM?

If you are looking for Hyundai performance parts you may have come across many aftermarket brands. While some swear by aftermarket parts, others prefer original equipment manufacturer parts because they think they’re more reliable. While both views are valid, there are benefits to consider when it comes to shopping around. Here are a few reasons why you may want to look for replacement parts made by aftermarket brands.

The Benefits Of Aftermarket Hyundai Performance Parts

  • Choices. Original equipment manufacturer parts are the same that came with the vehicle when it was originally built. While this can be beneficial for larger repairs, for most replacements it isn’t usually necessary. However, import performance parts are different, as there are a wider variety of brands to choose from. This range can allow you to better compare by price and quality by researching reviews from the other brands consumers. This can result in you finding a better deal on a part that has the same overall quality as an OEM part. These parts also tend to be more prevalent in body shops, making them easier to access without a long wait. If you need a replacement part quick, this is a smart choice to make. Additionally, the body shop will also be able to recommend the best aftermarket brands so that you can trust the quality of the part.
  • Quality. In recent years more people have been turning to aftermarket performance parts over OEM options. This is because many aftermarket brands have come to have come to develop more trusted and respected image among the general public. In fact these brands are often capable of producing parts that are even higher quality that original manufacturers. However, as with anything, it’s always important to research every brand and read reviews from previous customers. This can ensure you get exactly what you need, and the most bang for your buck.
  • Cost. Original equipment manufacturers parts are often more expensive than aftermarket equivalents; in some cases this up charge can be as much as sixty percent. When looking for Hyundai performance parts you can expect to save hundreds of dollars by purchasing what you need from an aftermarket brand.

When To Choose Aftermarket, Or OEM

If you’re trying to decide when to buy an OEM or aftermarket part here are some tips.

  • Type of Repair. For routine basic Hyundai performance parts aftermarket is a safe choice. The quality of these parts will be equal to, if not better than any OEM parts you could find.
  • Brand Trust. With all of the brands to choose from it’s important to make sure you can find the right component from a brand that you trust. You can do some research on your own, or ask an expert at your local auto shop. Often times they will be able to recommend a brand that they know will last.
  • Budget. As stated above, aftermarket parts are often much more affordable than OEM parts. If you’re conscious of how much you want to spend on your replacement part, aftermarket is definitely the way to go.

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