We often liken certain features in our car to the human body. The engine is similar to the heart, for example, and the exterior the skin. What does that make the tires?

Just like we need a strong pair of shoes to carry us through the day, so too does your car regularly need good tires. Anything less can tax your engine, slow down your vehicle, and even increase your risk for an accident. What happens you’re faced with custom wheels that are a little out of your price range? You can get custom wheels that go the extra mile — literally — when you apply for an RTO. Short for ‘rent to own’, this is a useful way to get the best of both worlds.

Don’t cut corners with your wheels and tires! Let’s see what rent to own tires can do to help your budget.

The Function Of Regular Tire Rotation

Before you get custom wheels, it helps to reinstate the basics of tire maintenance. Failing to keep up with your local vehicle repair shop can wear out your tires prematurely. Tire rotation is an important part of your vehicle upkeep, making sure each tire is receiving the same amount of pressure. A common rule-of-thumb is to have your tires rotated twice a year. You can also rotate them every 5,000 to 7,000 miles to stay on the safe side.

Fixing A Deflated Tire Before It Gets Worse

One of the biggest dangers to a safe drive is an underinflated tire. It doesn’t have to be flat, necessarily, but lacking the adequate amount of air to keep your car moving naturally. According to research, a tire can be up to 20% underinflated and still appear normal to the casual eye. When visiting your tire shop for custom wheels, make a note in your to-do list to make sure your current ones are filled with enough air. The year 2017 saw over 730 motor vehicle traffic fatalities being caused by tire-related reasons.

Defining The Off Road Tire When Shopping

Are you someone that regularly goes camping or hiking? You’ll need the best off road custom wheels to keep your car prepared. Off-road tires, unlike your average wheels, are generally described by measurements of their outer diameter — the four main types available are all-terrain, mud-terrain, snow, and sand. Make sure to find tires that measure 33 inches or larger. This makes rock crawling and trail riding easier to navigate thanks to the additional ‘clearance’ offered your vehicle.

The Benefits Of Rent To Own Options

It’s not easy having to decide between saving money or buying the best technology has to offer. When it comes to the safety of your car, there’s a middleground you can tap into. Rent to own is a useful resource that allows you to get the best custom wheels at a low price and pay as you go. Every store will offer its own unique payment options to help you get your car in tip-top shape as soon as possible. Make sure to double-check for any other fees that go into the process, such as installation or special deals.

Basic Questions To Ask A Custom Wheels Expert

When you get custom wheels you support a vital part of your car’s overall health. A strong set of tires help you navigate all terrain and keep your car turning smoothly, even when the weather turns difficult. They reduce stress on your vehicle and ensure you’re not indirectly paying for more repairs down the road. Talk to your rim repair shop about their rent to own custom wheels and how you can apply. Payment options should be flexible and without unnecessary credit checks.

Your car’s health is important. Take good care of your investment and get custom wheels that suit your lifestyle.

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