Armored vehicles, used or not, aren’t as easily found on the market as a typical car. In fact, some have a somewhat negative perception surrounding armored vehicles, believing that they are only used by those with dangerous professions. Actually, the term “armored vehicles” doesn’t necessarily refer to a car covered with actual armor. A lot of the used armored vehicles for sale are the more commonly seen bulletproof vehicles, while others have more advanced security measures in place. While some do buy armed vehicles for the sake of their personal safeties, others buy them for more commercial reasons. Private security firms often need to utilize armed vehicles. Some chauffer services, depending on the clientele they cater to, invest in armored sedans or armored SUVs. An armored vehicle is, at the end of the day, a civilian vehicle, and they came with a long history. Today, plenty of people are looking for used armored vehicles for sale — but they don’t necessarily know what they’re getting from an armored vehicle. Let’s find out!

The Beginning: How Armored Vehicles Came Into Being

Believe it or not, the concept for an armored vehicle existed before regular cars were in production, and they can be linked back to Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo, who was occasionally tasked with designing “war machines”, created the first concept sketch for armored vehicles in 1485. Siege machines and war wagons were developed over time, and eventually gave way to the tank. Tanks, of course, are far cries from cars — but while a tank’s weaponry isn’t applied to modern armored vehicles, their durability is a model that many manufacturers aspire to. Furthermore, modern warfare created a need for armored transport vehicles, to safely escort soldiers from one place to the other. These vehicles, while initially used for war, would give way to the use of armored vehicles in a civilian setting.

Progressing: The Use Of Armored Vehicles For Prominent People

Of course, those that first gained access to armored vehicles were the famous and significant. Unfortunately, many began using armored vehicles following incidents that were either disastrous or near-disastrous. After an assassination attempt against Pope John Paul II, the popes began using armored vehicles in 1981, and they still drive in them to this day. Though the popes are often meant to be visible to the public, the clear view that audiences get is actually tempered by bulletproof glass. Today, most prominent political figures rely upon armored vehicles. Perhaps one of the most famous assassinations in history — that of President Kennedy — occurred within a convertible being driven with its top down. In this day and age, the American presidents don’t take any chances. President Obama, and now Donald Trump, use a Cadillac called “The Beast”, which has a plate of armor that is five inches thick. With that being said, all of these vehicles aren’t exactly the same as the used armored vehicles for sale that you’ll find today. But then again, replicating those standards is not the point for most civilians. They want to be safe, and most don’t need to be as heavily protected as presidents or popes.

The Average Person’s Armored Vehicle: Armored Vehicles For Civilian use

Used armored vehicles for sale are often converted vehicles. While armored vehicles can be manufactured “straight out”, it is often easier for people to either convert their own vehicles and armor them, or buy used vehicles that have been armored. This gives you the kind of car that you would want anyway, but with the security measures that will make you feel safer. It’s estimated that 2018 alone saw the Armored Services Industry is by 1%; there is a clear need for armored vehicles for personal use now. No matter why civilians need armored vehicles, the fact is that they can get them, and they can get them without sacrificing appearance or comfort. A vehicle doesn’t have to be obviously armored or bulky; it can give you everything you want, including security.

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