Given that a vehicle’s tires are the component it drives on, it’s vital that they receive the appropriate attention throughout the life of the car. Unfortunately, tires are often the most overlooked part of the vehicle by many people. The consequences of neglecting your vehicle’s tires can be severe. For instance, 748 fatalities due to motor vehicle accidents related to worn-out tires were recorded in 2017.

If your vehicle’s tires have a problem, it won’t matter if you’re driving the most powerful car in the market or have the best brakes available. Bad tires always compromise the performance and safety of any vehicle.

So what should you do the moment you realize that your car tires are no good? The ideal solution is to get a set of new ones. With rent to own options available in many tire shops today, getting a replacement for your car’s wheels has never been easier.

But how can you tell that it’s time to replace your car’s tires? If you see the following signs, then it’s time.

1. You Notice That the Treads Are Worn

Some car owners do not think that tread depth has significant importance. Statistics by Rubber Manufacturer’s Association indicate that 64% of all drivers don’t know how to tell the tread depth of their vehicles’ tires.

The tread depth of a tire determines its traction on the road. If the treads are worn, the tires may slide and make you lose control of the vehicle, leading to an accident. The danger is especially increased if you use off-road tires and you’re driving in inclement weather.

Learn how to test tread wear. Whenever you notice that the treads are worn, promptly visit a rent to own tire shop West Palm Beach to get yourself a set of new and reliable cheap tires for your vehicle.

2. The Legal Limit of Wear for the Tires is over

Tires come with a recommended age from the manufacturer. Some manufacturers recommend that you replace the tires after five years, while others may advise you to wait ten years. It’s imperative that you observe these recommendations, no matter how good the tires look at the end of the stated time limit.

Of course, other factors are involved when it comes to how the tires of your vehicle age. If you tend to speed when driving or usually skip routine maintenance of your car, then it’s very likely that you’ll need to replace your car tires sooner than the manufacturer’s recommended age limit.

3. There’s A Damage in the Rubber

Make it a habit to check the sidewall of your car tires before you get in the car. Take note of any visible damages. If you notice a nail through a tire, for example, get the problem fixed immediately.

Some damage may not be immediately noticeable, so you need to pay closer attention. Do the sidewalls have cracks? If they do, then it’s only a matter of time before the tire blows out completely or starts leaking air.

Other problems like bulging or bubbling in the tires indicate that the rubber is getting weak and could blow out any time. If you notice such signs, it is time to visit a tire shop for replacements.

4. One or More of the Tires Is Unsuitable for Your Vehicle

For your car to have excellent all-round performance, tires in all positions need to be of the same type. Where tires differ in size, construction, or stage of wear, the stability and handling of the vehicle may suffer.

Also, it is important to make sure that the tires wear uniformly. So tire rotation is a vital practice that you should embrace. It is recommended that tire rotation should be done at the same time as oil change or after every 3,000-6,000 miles.


Driving a car that has bad tires is terrible for your vehicle and puts you in danger. Tires that are worn out, damaged, or old can not only cause more wear and tear on the vehicle but also increase the chances of running off the road and tire blowouts. It’s the reason you need to always be on the lookout for any indications that it’s time to do replacements.

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