Among vehicle parts that are commonly overlooked are tires. It is therefore not surprising that some people hardly notice that a vehicle tire needs replacement until the wear is visible. Tires are meant to be replaceable products and not consumable. This means that tire replacement should be done once a tire exhibits signs of tear. However, you can seek tire repair colorado springs in case the damage on the tire is not much. So how do you know when your tires need replacing? There is no standard timeline for tire replacement and it is often left to the car owner to decide when to visit a tire store. However, extensive damage to car tires leaves you with no alternative but to check for stores that sell tires near you. Once you identify a good store with tire sales, choosing the right tire for the vehicle is your next big challenge. Most people don’t know what to look for in tires and will only replace their vehicle tires with the same exact features as the old tires. This strategy works under the assumption that your old tires are from the manufacturer. So how do you make sure you have the right tires for your vehicle from tire sales?

What Size You Need
The first thing to consider when replacing your tires from tire sales shop is the size. This is the most important feature since it goes hand in hand with your vehicle size. The size of your tires can be intimidating at times since it is a bunch of numbers and some people have a hard time interpreting them. For example, if you are buying off-road tires and wheels from a tire sales shop, the size is always printed on the sidewall of the tire. Sizes are in most cases displayed as a series of letters, numbers and slashes. Most tire sales shop have a database of tire sizes for different types of vehicles such as trucks, cars and SUVs. If your vehicle still has the tires it was bought with, the best way of choosing replacement tires is by finding a match for the old tires. Vehicles have an owner’s manual on the driver’s side door that contains the right tire size for your vehicle. A typical tire size label appears like this: P215/60R16 94T. The first part of the series represents various measurements of the tire including the width and the diameter. The 94 is an indicator of the load index-the total weight that each tire supports. The T is an indicator of the speed rating which is basically the maximum speed of the tire in relation to the load index.

Type of Tire Based on Performance
When looking to buy tires from a tire sales shop, you should have in mind the type of tires you are looking for. Ordinarily, replacing your vehicle tires with a similar type to the old ones is the most plausible option for most people. However, you could be looking for an upgrade from your old tires. Most tire sales outlets have a listing of all the tires available. Depending on your budget, you can decide to buy cheap tires that are naturally perfect for your vehicle. You will be forced to dig deeper into your pockets for tires with a higher speed rating. The most used and affordable type are the all-season tires that are naturally great in all weathers and long mileage. There is also the performance all-season tires that are an upgrade of the all-season tires in terms of speed rating as they tend to have a much better cornering grip. Differentiating between the different types of tires available might require you to visit the manufacturer’s website or consult your local tire sales outlet for details.

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