Transportation looks a little different from business to business. Trucking, in particular, is filled with options that can make or break the bank.

The most used type of transportation in the United States, trucking is one area you should consider improving in 2019. Not only do you have the potential to encourage happier customers, you can finally start saving a little money. This translates to your engines and wheels. It extends to your semi-trailers and whether you’ve been using the right size this whole time. Next time you consider where to put your budge, look to used trailers for sale and ask what could be improved.

What should you look for in a trailer for sale? Here are a few basic tips for sprucing up your trucking set-up just in time for the new year.

The American Trucking Industry Today

The United States is home to a massive trucking transportation network. Recent industry estimates have revealed there are over one million trucking companies working today. There are a solid three and a half million truck drivers working around-the-clock to keep the country running smoothly. Providing these hard workers with the best semi-trailers the industry has to offer only makes sense. Not only does it help them do their job more efficiently, better quality equipment is safer.

The Growth Of Truck Drivers

More Americans than ever before are seeking out trucking as a career field. While the hours are often long, the career is extremely stable and always in high demand. Nearly every industry relies on trucking on a significant level, with warehouses and brokerage companies at the top of the list. Knowing how to choose between a good truck and a car boils down to a few key features. Arguably the most important is the engine: the proverbial heart of any vehicle.

Defining The Current Engine Standard

Your investment will only go so far without a strong engine. Single-passenger vehicles have an average of 100 to 200 horsepower. Compare this to the average semi engine, which ranges between 400 and 600 horsepower. The reasoning behind this is to help trucks drive for longer hours at a time — the semi engine is designed to go one million miles before an overhaul or rebuild. That’s just the surface of what semi-trailers have to offer.

Different Types Of Semi-Trailers

There are several varieties of semi-trailers on the market, all depending on your industry and budget. Even the smallest semi engine is still more powerful than anything you’d find in a single passenger vehicle — these creations are able to hold 15 gallons of oil or more at a time. They typically have 12 gears and, overall, are six times larger than single passenger engines in both size and weight. The lease 53 foot trailer is a common industry standard and is able to address several business needs.

Basic Tips To Keep In Mind

Searching for the right semi-trailers boils down to your unique business goals. How much are you transporting and how far? Do you operate on a strict deadline or are you more flexible? Of the 15 and a half million trucks operating in the United States, two million are tractor trailers. The tractor trailer is simply a semi-trailer that has a trailer attached to it. Like any other vehicle, a used model will provide you the best of both worlds — a lower cost for the same quality you’d find brand new.

Use individual transportation measures this year. Seek out semi-trailers customized to fit your business.

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