If you own a car, you understand better that it is expensive to maintain and repair it. At times, you might be in a dilemma of whether to use original equipment from your car’s manufacturer or car aftermarket parts. Taking the aftermarket way is always the cheaper option, but you have to weigh your options carefully, especially if you own a Subaru.

Understanding Aftermarket Parts

Unlike the original equipment manufacturer, car aftermarket parts are made by a different company from the one that made your car. However, they have never been used before, hence are in perfect shape. They can be manufactured by a subcontractor, or on behalf of the original company. Many people hold the notion that aftermarket parts are of lesser quality, but that has changed in recent years. Some of them even surpass the original parts.

Advantages of Aftermarket Parts

1. Cost

This is one of the primary reasons anyone would go for Subaru aftermarket parts. Buying Subaru replacement parts from an aftermarket store can see you save up to 40%. Therefore, this is a desirable deal.

2. Variety

Each car only has a single manufacturer. Therefore, if you decide to buy original car performance parts, for instance, you are exclusively restricted to one option. In any market, monopoly translates to higher prices. However, in the case of aftermarket parts for cars, you are spoilt for choice. You will find the parts you want at your nearest dealership store conveniently.

3. Quality

Quality varies depending on the particular car replacement parts you are looking for. That not-withstanding, it is possible to find superior aftermarket replacement parts as compared to the original equipment from your car’s manufacturer.

Disadvantages of Aftermarket Parts

Although they are cheap, convenient, and spoil you for choice, they are not a bed of roses. They, too, have their shortcomings.

1. Quality

Although we discussed quality as an advantage, it is a two-sided coin. As a disadvantage, we focus on the quality consistency of the car replacement parts. The many manufacturers of any given product, the higher the number of variations in production. As much as you are most likely to come across high-quality aftermarket products, it doesn’t rule out the possibility of landing on a mediocre product.

Buying low-quality auto performance parts will only bring you problems in the future; hence, it is not a worthy investment. To avoid falling victim to substandard products, ensure that you work closely with a mechanic or auto shop that you can trust. Alternatively, be keen on the brand name you go for.

2. Warranty

If you buy your Subaru sti performance parts from an original manufacturer, you are guaranteed of warranty protection for some time. In most cases, the warranty goes for one year. However, if you choose to get the same parts from an aftermarket company, you might get little or no warranty at all.

The wisest thing to do is identifying an aftermarket brand to buy from, then research on their warranty policy before making any purchase.

Settling on an Aftermarket Product

As much as you want to save some money while buying replacement parts for your car, quality matters. Discerning which product is of the highest quality might be hard. For a smooth sail, make sure you delve deep into researching a product.

Check out customer reviews on various products online before settling on one. Also, find out about the manufacturer’s reputation. Be on the look out not to be carried away by enticing prices over sound quality.

When to go for Aftermarket Car Parts

There are a few factors to consider before deciding to buy aftermarket car products instead of original parts. Here are some of them.

1. The Type of Repair

If you are buying car parts for a routine part replacement, then car aftermarket parts are the perfect deal. Since they are cheaper, you won’t feel the pinch even if you buy them from time to time.

2. Your Budget

The amount you are willing to part with during car part replacement determines a lot. If you have only put aside a small amount of money, then go for aftermarket parts since they are more affordable.

A car is a precious asset to most people. Ensure you take good care of your vehicle by buying quality car aftermarket parts always.

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