Electric cars are here and are fast becoming a fan’s favorite. They are eco-conscious as they produce zero direct emissions and are surprisingly fun to drive than traditional vehicles. More importantly, electric vehicles are also cheap to own, run efficiently and offer excellent performance than most fuel-powered vehicles.

A 2017 report by Bloomberg showed that electric vehicles will make up the majority (54%) of new car sales worldwide by 2040. Plug-in electric vehicles are now viable for most lifestyles and budgets. With more than two dozen models now commercially available, some 800,000 Americans have made the switch to driving electric.

When you’re thinking of switching to EV it’s necessary to also consider how and where to recharge your vehicle when the “tank”, in this case, the battery runs down.

Parameters to Consider When Buying Your Electric Charging Station

There are several electric car charging stations for sale with different EV power specifications, but how do you know which is the right one for your needs?

1. Amount of Power in a Vehicle Charging Station

How fast your EV will charge depends on the charging power of the system and the inbuilt onboard charger in your vehicle. The power ranges from 3.7 kW to 22 kW but many commercial electric car charging stations are designed for rapid charging. Go maximum power electric car charging stations for sale just in case your next car is fitted with a stronger onboard charger.

2. Electric Car Charging Plugs

Technology in electric cars is still new and more standard parts and accessories are yet to be established. As such, there are several types of electric car plugs developed for different electric cars, including type 1, type 2, chademo and combined charging system, CCS.

Some electric vehicles come fitted with two ports, a slow and fast port, and a rapid charging port. Many EV charging stations with permanently connected charging cable will support type 2 plugs, but type 1 plug will not work with this charging station unless you have a fitting adapter.

3. Electric Vehicle Charging Station Manufacturer

When choosing electric car charging stations for sale, it necessary to get it from an approved and reputable manufacturer to ensure it’s the right fit for your car. Working with approved manufacturers also ensures you’ve access to quality repair services and replacement parts to keep your EV running optimally.

Electric Car Charging Stations Requirements and Accessories

Electric vehicles charging stations are situated in residential apartments, public areas and commercial spaces such as hotels, retail stores and parking bays. The type of accessory required for a charging station depends on the application.

  • Cable Hangers: is a necessary component of every electric charging station as they help neatly hold the cable in place when not in use. It also protects the charging cable from being damaged. Some electric car charging stations for sale comes with a standard cable hanger but you can also buy it as an accessory.
  • The Photovoltaic system integration: with electric vehicle charging station generates more clean energy with zero direct emissions. You get to use excess self-generated electricity to power your electric car.
  • Access restriction: is a charging station requirement that states who’s allowed to charge their electric car. For instance, charging stations located in commercial and public areas will benefit a lot from having access restrictions. There are two types of access key allows used by electric car owners to access particular charging stations and they are an RFID card and a key switch. With an RFID card, you can choose to recharge your car at home or work. Essentially, an RFID card can be integrated with your office RFID card and have a single card used for accessing your office and activating RFID charging station.
  • Electric Cars Load Management: Depending on how the charging station is set up, some stations can only charge a single vehicle at a time while others can charge several cars. If the electrical connection is designed for a single charge at a time, it means that the charging power will significantly reduce if multiple cars are charged simultaneously.

Finding the right EV charging stations can help you enjoy smooth rides without having to worry about battery running empty.

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